Thursday, May 8, 2008


Well I found a new game that Carson likes and it's called Rolling. The name says it all because basically the whole game consists of us rolling on the floor. I made it up Monday night when Emily and Griffin were out. Carson was laying on my stomach/chest when we were watching the Wiggles. I rolled over and started fake biting/kissing/tickling his neck. It was quite a hit and we ended up having to play it for about a half an hour. His laughter was so hearty and joyous that I couldn't stop playing even though I was sweating (yes, big surprise to those of you who know me well, since I am always sweating.) He would look at me with his big, green eyes and say "Daddy, happy when rolling!"

Tonight, we played again...but this time Griffin and Mommy joined in. I know, I know...what an exciting life we lead. However, I realized at the beginning of this week that tonight was going to be the only night this week that we weren't either running around to parties/family gatherings or having people over our house. I knew that I wanted to make the most of tonight because I treasure the little time that we get as a family when we're not running to doctors, therapies, etc.

We started off the night with rolling. Carson and I started it and he was loving it. The next thing I knew, Griffin came waddling over (looking like a little duckling now that he is walking.) Griffin wanted a turn. He was pushing his way right in trying to get on top of us. I asked Carson if Griffin could have a turn and got the typical "No, it's Carson's turn." We ended up taking turns and Griffin loved it too. He laughed so hard. Then, Emily decided to join in and wanted me to roll her. We were laughing so hard because as we were trying to roll, I looked over and saw Carson trying to roll Griffin....priceless!

After a short break, I was in the kitchen and heard the sweetest little voice with a request..."Daddy, do you want to play hide and go seek?" Oh my God....a ten word sentence! We're getting more breakthroughs! I couldn't be happier! So, of course I play hide and go seek. In round one, I get to hide while Carson counts out loud to ten while he squints his eyes and pretends like they're closed. I hide in the hallway bathroom with the light on and the door half open because he gets scared to open it if it's dark. I hear him coming and I hear the refrigerator open and him say "he's not in the frigerator," then "he's not in the wall," (how exactly a person could get in the wall I'm not sure.) I'm trying to contain my laughter as I hear Emily laughing her butt of at his commentary. He then peeks in the bathroom and says "he's under the potty." I was standing behind the door so I'm not sure where "under the potty" came from but it was so funny. His hiding spots tonight were very well thought out as well. Some of my favorites were him laying on top of the toy box, laying across the audomon, and sitting on the living room floor with a body pillow across his mid-section/lap with his whole upper body and legs exposed. He's so tricky!

Doing these things as a family are when I'm at my happiest. The fact that Carson is understanding hide and seek and being so verbal is so wonderful. Our prayers are being answered.


Anonymous said...

Oh,I would love to be a fly on the wall. Is "Rolling your game or can anyone play?

Adriana said...

Friday....Ok, dad and I played the "Rolling" game with Carson and I gave up after the second roll. You never mentioned how hard it was to roll with a four year old holding on for dear life. Carson thought it was OK that we play something else....Nonna