Saturday, May 3, 2008

Let's talk about poop!

Hi, it's me Jay....

Okay, so back to my story about this GFCF diet and the effect that it is having on Carson. I'm going to apologize in advance for being graphic and gross but this may benefit someone reading this someday. Carson is typically a constipated child and has been most of his life. He definitely gets that trait from his mother. We started the diet on Thursday, April 17. By Monday, April 21, I received a call from his teacher telling me that he had two blow-outs at school and that his stomach was bothering him. I had written her a note that morning about the diet so she wondered if it could be that or if he was sick. I was sure that it was from the diet. It happened a third time at school. I called Nonna (Em's mom) because it was her day to babysit and let her know so that she wouldn't be alarmed if it happened once he got home. It did happen again we he got home. Anyway, this continued on for one whole week (through Monday, 4/28.) We're talking huge diapers full of the most disgusting looking (and smelling) poop that you will ever see. I was lucky enough to only be on the receiving end of two of them. My Aunt Carol, Granny (my mom), Nonna, and Carson's teachers each got their fair share. Somehow, Emily missed all of them.....hmm? You could see the yeast...straight up disgusting yeast...poor little guy. All of this yeast had been trapped in his system from all of the gluten and casein that he had eaten prior to the diet. I read in my book that this was supposed to happen and Emily confirmed this with a friend of hers. THANK GOD...the diet is working! We're on the right track. I feel so bad for Carson because his stomach is hurting. I know how it feels when you need to have a blow-out (as do all of you) but imagine like 15 of them in one week. Coincidentally, both Carson and Griffin had their well child visits last week. Without even telling our pediatrician about the diet (since we had already gotten the vaccine lecture,) the doctor noticed the red spots throughout Carson's private area and said that it was nothing to worry about.....just YEAST spots! Hooray! It seems to have tapered off since the beginning of this week. Maybe all of the yeast has died and made its way out!

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Anonymous said...

Whew!! Good thing I missed out on those diapers. jk
I'm so glad your doing this blog. I miss Carson and Griffin so much and this will halp me continue to see them grow. Carson has changed so much from when I started watching him last July and I know he will continue to get better. I love you guys and you know if you ever need someone I'm here.