Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In the eyes of my 4 year old

Last night I went to the bridal shop with my mom and sister (Fin came along too. He loves to shop) to help my mom pick out a dress for my brother's wedding. She did find the perfect dress and once ordered we went out to eat. I was worried I would not get home in time to see Carson off to bed since he had been so tired earlier in the day.

When I got home, I was happy to see he and Jay sitting at our dinner table having some chips and pop. They looked so cute. Carson looked so grown up just chilling out with Daddy. Yippee. I made it home in time to snuggle with my little man before bed.

Carson has a very tough time falling asleep. He struggles with shutting off his mind and the night time routine can take up to two hours (no I am not exaggerating). To help with this Jay and I give him Melatonin (Per his Ped. Neurologist) and spend some time snuggling with him until he drifts off to sleep.

Lately he likes to snuggle in our big bed while watching his God Made Animals video (Thanks Granny!). It is a nice video about Noah (Nola according to Carson) and all the animals on the Ark. Anyway, this helps him fall asleep and then Jay will carry him to his bed and all is well until about 0530.

Last night I was tired and Carson and I were getting ready to go snuggle it out in my bed. I was changing out of my work clothes and had just put on some old sweat shorts that I have had since Jay and I dated. I love them, but let's just say, they are not real pretty.

All of the sudden Carson goes into the laundry basket and picks out a top for me. He brought over to me a blue tank top that has bleach stains on it and said - "Mama put it on". I actually love that tank top so, I put it on.

I was quite a sight- no make-up, hair up in a clip, old sweat shorts, bleach stained tank top. When I turned around with the top on, Carson walked over to me and said "You Beautiful, Mommy".

And you know what? I realized I have never felt more beautiful!


Anonymous said...

You did look down right HOT! There's something about 8 year old sweatshorts and a blue bleach stained tank top that really turns me on!! XOXO - Jay

Anonymous said...

I love that you guys are writing everyday! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!! How sweet is he????!!!!!


Adriana said...

I love all the stories, I love my sweet Carson, he is "beautiful".

Heather said...

I love reading your stories and getting some insight on your day to day life. Thanks so much for sharing! Carson is so funny and sweet.

cindy said...

Em and Jay
This is the best thing I have read in a long time. You two are fantastic writers and exceptional parents. Hang in there and the rewards will be twice as sweet. Have you thought about writing a book? You are funny and touching and warm. And of course, Carson is hilarious! We saw him last week and are amazed at how great he is doing! Keep it up