Sunday, May 4, 2008

Our First Trip to the DAN Doctor

Friday was our appointment with the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) Doctor. Although, we have been seeing a biomedical doctor since October, we wanted to also try a doctor within the DAN network. This network of doctors specializes in autism, adhd, etc. and is very familiar with all of the latest and greatest approaches. We took all of Carson's records with us to get this doctor up to speed. After our conversation, the doctor said that the GFCF diet seems to be helping so stay on it and he also suggested some further supplements/vitamins. Carson received his first B-12 shot and the doctor ordered them for us so that we can give them to him every other day at home. Along with the B-12 shots, he will also be getting two multi-vitamins and one B-6, zinc, magnesium, and cod liver oil (sounds delicious, huh?) These will be added to his Ultracare for Kids protein powder, Phosphatidyl Choline, and Glycine. Pretty soon, our cupboard is going to look like his Grandma Linda's cupboard. The good thing is that this doctor uses Kirkman Laboratories for his supplements so they're designed for kids. Both of the vitamins come in wafer form. They look and taste exactly like SweetTarts. I gave him the first one and called it a "white bean" because he loves orange tic-tacs, but calls them "orange beans." He ate it and I was thrilled but of course, it didn't last. On the second one, and since then, he says "yucky" and won't eat them. Thankfully, they dissolve in his orange juice. The doctor also ordered more urine and stool testing. We go back in a month and if the urine is showing a high level of metals, we will start chelation, which strips his blood of these heavy metals.

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