Thursday, May 26, 2011

For Margie

I got a Facebook message from my long time friend Margie saying that since FB is my new BF, Carson's blog is suffering. haha! She's absolutely right. It's quick and easy to give FB status updates and much more interactive so I've been taking that route. However, although this blog takes a lot of time and thought, I find it to be very therapeutic so I really do need to get back into this habit.

So....lots of things have happened in the past 5's the Reader's Digest version.

Mia is talking up a storm. You can't make a lot of it out but she tries and is very animated. She is getting a lot of words and has a big personality just like her mom. She's adorable. She gives her brothers a run for their money. She goes head to head with both of them. They hate when she touches their stuff. She and Griffin frequently have screaming matches. It's great. Quite often you will hear Carson bellow "No Mia. Daddy get him out of here." Yes, him. Carson is still having pronoun issues.

Griffin is in the "terrible 4's." This little guy has one of the biggest personalities that I've seen in quite some time. He's an emotional roller coaster. He's very funny but also takes every bit of patience that we have. He's in tee-ball and soccer right now. It's quite a trip watching him. He seems a little more into soccer than tee-ball. He gets a little bored at tee-ball but we'll keep trying new things with him. He's definitely our sport-o...very competitive. He fights with his brother and sister like nobody's business. Sometimes he's as sweet as can be though. You can 't help but love him even when he's naughty because he's so darn cute.

Carson is doing pretty well. He's almost done with first grade. I can't believe it. He's made a ton of progress this year. Again, I must give props to his teachers and therapists. He has a great team working with him. He's started some new supplements and meds. We have him on Sonic Cholesterol now because his cholesterol is too low. Apparently, if we can get his cholesterol up, it will help his brain...I know, complicated stuff but we'll see. He also started Respen A last month. It's supposed help increase speech and socialization and decrease aggressiveness among other things. I haven't noticed a lot at home but his teachers said they are noticing improvements which is encouraging. He will be starting Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy again as soon as school is out. We scheduled 40 sessions....4 days a week for 10 weeks. I'm excited about it. The last two summers of HBOT have been very helpful. He also got a scholarship to attend a two week camp through Building Bridges this summer. It's supposed to help greatly with socialization.

Emily has started a new job at Act II Salon and Spa. She is now using her esthetician license and seems to be enjoying it. It gives her a break from Fin and Mia, who literally won't stay off of her and it also helps having the extra money for our family. Emily is on a Zumba kick right now and she is really enjoying it.

As for is still work....just celebrated my 17 year anniversary with L&L. I'm trying to get healthier...even tried running....crazy, I know. Trying to take time to read too...what is happening to me? We've started attending a new church...Heritage Church. I'm really loving it. We actually look forward to going. I'm feeling growth...spiritual, emotional, feels really good. I'm trying to become a better person and I really think it's helping.

We've had a few rough patches so far this year but overall, life is good. We count our blessings everyday. We really just try to stay focused on the positive things in our life. We truly are blessed. We have a great marriage, three beautiful children, very close-knit supportive families and friends....all the important things in life.

Thanks for reading...especially you Margie. I really am going to try to keep this blog going. Knowing people like you read it and care will help motivate me.