Saturday, September 18, 2010

Off and Running....

Wow! I can't believe how fast summer flew by. I guess that's what happens when you have HBOT four times a week, Speech and OT twice, Art and Music Therapy and Equian Therapy all going on. It wasn't a very fun summer. It was so HOT. I love heat but I could not stand all of the humidity. I feel like we barely swam all summer and if we weren't swimming, I couldn't even stand to be outside. We made it a few times over to Aunt Carol's and Uncle Roger's for a swim but it was minimal. Kristie and Brian also got a pool this summer but I think we only made it there three times the whole summer too.

Oh well, there's always next year. I have to say that I am completely loving this September weather so far (so is our electric bill.) I don't think we shut the air off once in July or August...YIKES!

I decided now was a good time for a blog has been a crappy week....I am OVER so many things this week....first and foremost Autism. I soooo want it to go away. I am over Griffin's new attitude...he has been so challenging this week. I am over working...I'm feeling like I really need a change and I definitely need to make more money....I'm sick of struggling financially and feel like I worked way too hard to get all of my degrees and now am going backwards. I'm sick of never having any quality time with my kids...I feel like we have constant plans and constantly have people at our house or have my wife wanting to go somewhere or visit with someone. I thought things might get a little better since Em is back in the workforce and is getting some adult interaction but not so much just yet. We just differ in the fact that I deal with people all day in my job...and sometimes by the end of the day I just need a break because I need a little "down" time. I feel like I am "on" all day. Most of all, I am over Wells Fargo. After working for 22 months on a mortgage modification, I got one.....let's just say it was a TOTAL waste of time and 22 months of stress for nothing. Our mortgage went down less than $80 and is actually up about $350 from when we started the process due to an escrow shortage. I love how the banks get bailed out and we can't get jack for help.....never missed a payment, etc. and you call that a modification. WOW!

Well enough crabbing....I want to end on a positive note (that was the point of my blog today.) To get me in a better mood that is........

I have to focus on the positive. I'm married to my best friend. I have three beautiful, healthy (somewhat) children. We have amazing families and friends. We have health insurance, even though it barely covers anything for helps for the rest of us:)

Mia started full blown walking this week. She is pure joy...happy, beautiful...if you would have asked me a few months ago, I would have never said she was our easiest child but right now, she definitely is. I love her giggle, her dimples, her little Pebble Flintstone ponytail...everything about her.

Although Griffin is having "terrible threes" right now, he has moments where he is sweet as can be. I love his lips, his language, his lisp. He's so beautiful. When he comes by me, which is rare, I love his snuggling. He's loving his skating class for hockey and his soccer team (just not today.) I really think he is going to be an athlete. He's obsessed with the Wii right now. We have to limit his time on it because he will play until he actually starts crying because his arms hurt. He started preschool this far, so good. We'll see....

My Carson is doing really well. At times, I get so depressed still but I have to stop and look at his progress. He is blowing us away in first grade so far. A couple rough days but this is a HUGE adjustment for him. Full days! He's a little overscheduled. He was supposed to start drama this week but we decided to hold off until winter. He started soccer on Saturdays and just started ice skating lessons last Friday. He also will continue to have Speech and OT two nights a week. That is enough for now. Horseback riding will be coming back in October as well. He is so affectionate. He loves to snuggle and his language is really taking off. We are working on his digestive system right now. I feel that is where most of his problems lie (besides the mercury and other metal poisoning from the nasty vaccines) so we're trying to clear those up. It takes a while but we're making progress.

Emily is doing well. She's loving her job. We're all loving the little extra money. She's on her way to building some new accounts and in no time, I'm sure she be doing even better. She has great relationship building skills and that is a huge part in sales. I know she will rock. She always does. She is my rock and I can't imagine not having her. Does she get on my nerves sometimes? Absolutely...but who doesn't? haha Believe me, I get on hers too....Overall, I married my soul mate and to have that is a true gift from God.

Overall...just trying to adjust to this new school schedule and get in a new routine. I am looking forward to September and October. I love the orchards, trees changing and my little princess turning one in a few weeks. I can't wait for her pending, it's going to be a blast.

Thanks for reading!