Monday, August 2, 2010

August - Really?

Wow. I can't believe it is August already. In just four weeks Carson will start 1st grade and Fin will start preschool. June and July seem like a blur.

We have been having fun. Our fun is planned around all the summer activities and therapies but that is okay. I am used to it. We are all used to it.

Mia is almost 10 months and I can't believe it. I keep remembering what it was like last summer. I was pretty miserable with non-stop morning sickness and a crazy schedule. It is much easier this year, not being heavily pregnant.

That said, I am so sad that these first 10 months are already over. She is such a happy and easy baby. The first six months totally kicked my butt (with the colic) but now, she has become her own happy person and she fills my days with joy! It is always amazing to me that God chooses the perfect fit with each child. I feel like all three of my kids are perfectly chosen for our family.

Mia waves hello and good-bye. She says MaMa and more. She is funny and expressive too. She will be walking soon as she is into everything and pulls herself up whenever possible. Several times, she has stood on her own. Our life is about to get even busier!

Something happened to Griffin when he turned three. The easiest baby/toddler on the planet has turned into a bit of a monster. I have heard from many moms that three can be much harder than two and for us, that is very true.

I find that I am still very much a parent in training. Yes, Carson is six but again, I have never parented a neurotypical child so much of what Fin is doing, Carson never did and if he did it was combined with a thousand other things.

At three, Carson had little to no language at all so, I never had to deal with the sassy talk or constant negotiating. Believe me, I am grateful for it all. It is such a miracle (neurotypical development). By far, the years of three and four were the MOST challenging with Carson.

Fin has become very assertive, sassy and obstinate. All of these things can be difficult to deal with but when the temper tantrums are over, we can at least discuss what the problem is. It might sounds strange but to me that is a tremendous blessing.

Fin is beyond his age in language development and has the social skills of a much older child. I think this is what frustrates him. In his mind he is 7 or 8 and doesn't understand that he is only three years and three months.

Top it off with the fact that he is so stinking cute and well........ we have got some trouble on our hands;)

I know he is going to love preschool and needs the classroom stimulation and social interaction with other kids. He absolutely loves going to hockey class and if he does as well in preschool as he has these past five weeks, he will be very successful.

Fin is also really looking forward to continuing with his hockey lessons and is already signed up for Soccer as well. We will probably add some gymnastics in the winter since he has been asking all summer when he can go back.

In the mean time, I eat him up and enjoy what little bit is left of his babyhood. He still is very much my baby and I enjoy every second of it.

On another note, Carson went to Vacation Bible school for the first time last week. It could not have gone better. He LOVED it. Jay and I are so protective and it can be really hard for us to try new things and let him grow up but we bucked up on this one and let him go. It was an affirmation for me to let him go. Let him grow up. It was an awakening in me that he can do it.

There was nothing sweeter than hearing Carson announce to everyone that he had Bible school that day and aside from the very loud cheering and singing in the ending group session, he could not have done better.

While at VBS, Carson lead his group in the halls. He answered questions about what God created and got to put a special sticker on the wall. He participated in the games and activities and loved the songs in the small group sessions.

This success has helped Jay and I plan for his fall activities. Of course he will have his therapies twice a week but he will also continue to have his horseback riding. In addition he will be taking drama classes and starting a sport through OU Cares. We are not sure if he will be in soccer or T-Ball yet but it will be one of the other.

One neat thing. The drama classes he will be going to are the same ones I started with when I was a kid. As Lou Fazzini (program director) said, he is the second generation of the original group. To me that is very cool. I love Lou and have known him since I was a little girl. To know that Carson is going to get to experience all that I did, makes me very happy.

Again, I have to let go and let him try. I can't hover over him all of his life. I just keep thinking, baby steps, baby steps. They are for me, not him. He is ready and willing to go. And my heart breaks a bit while at the same time it swells with great pride of the awesome, amazing kid he is. Four years ago, I never would have dreamed all of this would be possible.

So, our schedule gets busier but it is all good things. I realize this post has been all over the place. That is what happens when I try to write something in about ten minutes that should be done in three or four different posts. Oh well.

Love you all ! Em