Sunday, April 26, 2009

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Please see Easter post below Jay's bday post. I can't seem to get it to post for today since I started writing it before Jay's bday.

Just wanted to point out a new posting and some cute pics.

Thanks - Em

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jay!

Happy Birthday Jay! Today you are 34 years old. I almost can't believe how fast the time is going. Seems like yesterday, I met you for the first time and we were both in our mid twenties and having way too much fun. We still are having fun. Just a different kind of fun. Who would have thought that, the guy I met back then would have turned out into the you, you are today. Mr. Anti - commitment! You have taken on just about as much commitment and responsibility anyone could take and you do it with love. I know that everyone changes as they get older but you really have changed a great deal. You are still the hilarious guy I met but you now have a much more serious side to you. I attribute that to your need to take care of all of us. You use to be the life of any party but now prefer to hang out at home and be with your kids.

When wishing you a great birthday, I can't leave out what an amazing father you are. I have seen you conquer things that in the past, would have scared you to pieces. I have seen a sensitive side grow in you as you empathize more with other parents. You really had me fooled into thinking you were tough. I realize that you are - tough - you just have a ton of love as well. Thank you for being the best Daddy in the world to our babies. Thank you for loving them and choosing to make them the priority in your life. Thank you for wanting relationships with them and for never giving up.

I know I tell you all the time but you truly are my best friend and love of my life. I am sure that others that read this blog can get a bit queasy over our love for one another but too bad, this is our blog. I wish I had a way to honor you today that would tell you how important and special you are to me, to us. Nothing could match the appreciation and adoration I feel. So, just know, even though the day to day grind of our life can be at times monotonous, you are loved more than you could ever know.

Happy Birthday. The day you were born, I did not know it, but part of me was born too!

I love you - Em

Reasons we love you:

You are very patient and don't mind putting stickers all over your good dress clothes!

You are not afraid to get your hair wet and love playing with your kids!

You have learned to enjoy Halloween (a holiday you never liked) because your kids enjoy it!

You have amazing arms that can hold two kids and make them feel safe!

You are still smoking hot and look great all dressed up!

You will carry your 45+lbs son and a sled through the snow if it means Carson have just a bit more fun!

You try so hard with Fin. I know he is still little yet and prefers me but, your time is coming.

You take us to the pond to feed the ducks even though you are afraid of them!

You gave me a two little boys (and a little peanut) that I love more than anything. One of which, looks just like you.

I hope you have a great day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Coloring Eggs and Easter Egg Hunt!

Happy Belated Easter! Wow. This week has flown by. We have been very busy this past week. Here are some pics of the boys from Easter. I am saving the family pictures for another post since we are due to have the Jewett Easter today.

Carson coloring eggs. Jay got a really cool kit but it was super messy. I have some nice video of the boys working hard but did not share it as you can hear the stress in my voice over getting dye everywhere.

Griffin is stressed out that his hands are blue.

Carson - concentrating hard on making the eggs beautiful.

Fin - did a great job. He worked so hard. We had to laugh - every single egg he decorated was the same color. He would not try any other color.

Easter Morning - Fin is not what I would call a really happy morning person. He was not at all thrilled over the ears.

Carson was totally fine with the ears since they meant he would be getting presents.

Looking for eggs.

Opening their baskets. They were not really baskets. Since Carson can't eat chocolate we bought them gifts and I wrapped them. They did get some candy in their eggs! Each of them got some cool socks ( Cars and Buzz Lightyear) and two new board games. They loved the gifts and we have been playing with the games ever since.

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.
Love - Emily

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Griffin's b-day party! 1 of 2

Hi everyone!

Here are some pictures of Griffin's birthday party with the Bolone Family. He lucks out and gets two parties this year due to everyones' crazy schedules and the fact that our house can't hold everyone comfortably. Carson also tends to do better with less people so we decided it might be a little less stressful this way. We had the party with my family on Good Friday. The theme was Cars since Griffin is obsessed with Lightning "Between" right now. It was a great day and both boys really enjoyed the party. It was great to have a day dedicated to my little Fin. He gets overshadowed sometimes due to our sweet little Carson's issues right now but it won't be forever and Griffin gets more than enough "Mommy time." He's attached to her like glue. Poor guy is not going to be happy with this new little one coming...between Carson and a new baby, poor Griffin is sure to suffer from middle child syndrome:>) Hey wait...I'm married to a middle child but she certainly is not negleted in the attention department:>) so I'm not sure I buy that whole middle child thing...haha!

The decorations.....

Carson and Drea

Present time...Carson didn't "help" too much.....

Fin and his favorite person in the whole world (Mommy) followed closely by Papa Tom with Granny, Nonna and Pa following closely.....Daddy is near the bottom of his list right now:<( but that's okay...maybe someday.....I seem to be Carson's fave right now so I'll take that!

Uncle Brian and Brooke or "Broke" as Carson would say.....

Cousins Andrea, Josh, Gigi and Johnny

Pa and Blake


Carson got his own special gluten free brownie cake...looks like he liked it.

MMM....real cake...quite a change...I think Fin is thinking "What is that Gluten Free crap you've been giving me?" It is his day after all so a real cake was in order.....

Looks like it's good Fin and Granny....

Griffin and his godmother Auntie Kristie

Time to sing....cute video....Griffin is not too good at blowing the candles out just yet.....

We had a blast and hope everyone else did too. Carson did so well and it means so much when people that don't see him all the time notice the gives us that extra ummmph to keep plugging along.

Happy Birthday Griffin.....even if you don't like me will someday and you will never know how much joy you bring to my life....I think that you are going to be our little athlete and I can't wait to experience those things with you. You light up my life.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break!

This past week, Carson has been home from school on spring break vacation. I am happy to report that we have had a good week and I have loved, loved, loved having both my boys home. I never realized how the four hours a day that Carson is at school, makes the house seem so lonely.

A few things that Carson has said to me this week.

Carson loves to play doctor. Lord knows, he sees enough doctors. I am so grateful that he is not scared and actually loves the exams. Anyway, he loves to play doctor at home. We have gone though two doctor kits and this past Christmas Meme and Uncle Ron got Carson a really nice, new doctor kit. He also found a manicure kit and calls it his blue purse and that is part of his doctor kit as well. Carson likes to be the doctor and patient.

Dr. Mommy - Carson, what seems to be the problem?
Carson - I not feeling very well. I think I have the flute.

Carson had pulled a chair up to the freezer to take a look inside. I did not want him to have more ice cream as it was dinner time.

Mommy - Carson, please put the chair away. You are not having any more ice cream.
Carson - Mommy, can you please just be quite for a few minutes.

Every night for about 30 minutes before bed, we all (Jay included) climb into our big bed and watch a part of a movie. Lately, the boys have gotten into Cinderella. I can't tell you how happy this makes me. I love the movies they love but I do get tired of Cars, The Incredibles, The Lion King and Toy Story. Happily, they have fallen in love with Cinderella and the mice and that mean old cat Lucifer.

Once Carson loves something, it is only a matter of time before we are playing that movie as a game. Really, I think he has quite the acting bug and loves to put on shows. So, we now act out Cinderella. Mostly Carson likes to be as he calls it, the wizard (fairy God Mother).

During this play, I was Cinderella and he was the wizard.

Carson - Now, the pumpkin will change into a beautiful stroller. Bibbity Bobbity Bo!
Mommy Cinderella - Carson, it is not a stroller it is called a carriage.

This coming weekend we have some fun plans. Tonight will be low key but tomorrow we are going to Granny and Pa's house for a BBQ and to play outside. Granny and Pa have about 6 acres that the boys LOVE to run around on. They live on a private road and I don't have to worry about cars or the street. The boys can just run and play and get dirty and have a blast!

Tomorrow night Jay and I are going out for our good friend Lisa's birthday. We are going to a small bar near the Almont area that is sure to have some great people watching. In my delicate condition (ha ha), I don't anticipate I will hang out all night but Jay really needs to relax and have some fun so, I am hoping the night will bring him just that. Good friends and laughter are great pick me ups! (We will just see how good he feels on Sunday!)

On Sunday, we are going to the Rex Center for Riding so that we can tour the stables. Carson is going to be taking horseback riding lessons and I can't wait to see how he likes the center. This center also has therapeutic riding for anyone with a disability. They have some amazing programs and I am hoping Carson will like the environment and be excited about riding the horses.

Little baby is doing great. Jay and I went to an appointment last Friday (a week ago already?). We had another ultrasound and all looks wonderful. The little one is still on track to arrive around Oct. 23rd. 3

I will be having another C-section so, we will schedule it the closer the due date becomes. Hard to believe that I am already in my second trimester. I wish I could say the sickness is subsiding but it is actually getting worse. I am not as tired though so, that is a good thing.

Only five weeks or so and we will have another ultrasound. We pray more than anything that the baby continues to be healthy but we would also love to know if this little one is a girl or boy. I can't wait!!

Thanks for checking in - love you all - Em

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Griffin!

Wow. Where did two years go? I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that Carson is five let alone my baby, is two!

My Sweet Birthday Boy Fin,

Today is your birthday. I remember your birth so clearly. Unlike your brothers, I had not labored for hours on end and was awake and aware of the whole thing. I was so scared you were going to be too tiny as we needed you to be born three weeks early. You were tiny (just 6.1lbs) but from the moment you were born the joy you have brought into our lives has been huge.

Being the second born, I believe you got the better mommy. You got me as a more relaxed, comfortable mommy. I cared less about the house and other things and just spent my time loving on you. You slept with me for months and you and I had a bond from the very beginning that I knew was very special. Your brother was three when you were born and by that age, he was much more interested in playing with Daddy than snuggling with me. You and I settled into a nice rhythm.

In turn, you were the worlds easiest baby. Never once did you cry for no reason, keep me up all night or fuss. Really, I have said that if anyone could design a baby, they would want you. Sweet, loving, kind and really, really easy. That is not to say that had you been more difficult I would not have loved you. Of course I would. Your easy way is just very much your personality. You are also very cautious and scared of unknown places and activities. I have been told that your personality is alot like mine was at your age. I felt like we understood one another from the very beginning.

And now you are two! You are so very independent. You think you are five (Carson's age) and will not let anyone stop you from trying. You are still a very easy going baby but you now have a temper and a will that at times blows me away. The temper tantrums started about two months ago and are sometimes so passionate, they make me laugh.

You are so very bright. I can have full conversations with you. You understand directions and follow them. With all we have gone through with your brother I truly believe that God blessed you with all of this earlier than the norm, so that your daddy and I did not have to worry. Thank you for that peace of mind.

You are also very funny. You are still just a peanut but you! I hear all the time how you look just like your Uncle Tommy. You look more like a Jewett than you do a Krawczyk.

You have a very serious side to your personality. You are an observer and watch people and things. You always have. You take it all in and then boom..... you can do things that I did not even know you could.

You and Carson love one another very much. You both look out for one an other and are interested in what each of you are doing. Of course, you fight and bicker but that is to be expected. You watch him go to school every day and the first thing you ask for when you wake up from your nap is " Carsi home?". Yes, you call your brother Carsi. When Carsi gets into trouble you are a mess and always upset too. I love the relationship you have and know that as you get older it too will blossom into a great friendship.

Although you think you are all grown up, you still need me and cling to me very much. You don't like it if daddy hugs me or we snuggle. You will tell him in your meanest voice, "No Daddy, my Mommy!". For right now, you are still all mine. You like to play chase with Carson and Daddy but the rest of the time, still want me and I will tell you, I love that.

The new baby is due in the fall and I have serious concerns about how you will do. I know all will be okay but I actually feel bad that our special time will be coming to an end. You still remind me that you are the baby. You refer to yourself at times as the baby and I know it is a role you are not quite ready to leave.

Griffin - you will always be my baby. Loving you has been one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for making me a better mom. The joy you have brought to your dad and I cannot be put into words. You were and are the perfect fit to our family.

I will love you forever - Mommy

Griffin James: 6.1lbs 18 inches long.

3 months

Christening 4 months

Halloween - 6 months

1 year
1.3 years - My favorite pic of you. I love those lips!

2 years - Your serious face. You were not really happy with having your picture taken!

Happy Birthday little one !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Role Reversal at the Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone!

Well.....we did it again. We went to get the boys pics done. Thankfully, their b-days are less than a month apart so we can do them in one trip. They also both fall around Easter every year so we lump it into one photo shoot.

Our favorite place My Photographer recently closed down so we went to Portrait Innovations. We had went there once for Christmas and didn't like the quality of the pictures as well but the prices are better, which is great. This time, we had a great experience...besides waiting like 20 minutes to get started, which is always fun with Carson....because he is so patient...haha. He did amazingly well though. He was watching two little girls get their Easter shots done and laughing when they laughed, commenting, etc. He was very excited for his turn, which is not usually the case. Griffin, on the other hand, had no interest...he just wanted to play with the blocks and not be bothered....thus the ROLE REVERSAL!

You will see in the pictures, which are in reverse order....last part of shoot is first and they go backwards. Carson ROCKED! He was posing like a little model, did not get distracted at all, followed all of the photographer's cues on poses, etc. There was no Autism in this shoot and it felt amazing. The only thing that could have made it better was little Griffin....he was a little stinker....kept walking away, barely any smiles, not cooperative at all but we still managed a few cute shots.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for checking in. Hope you like the pics!