Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Spring

This morning while waiting for the bus, Carson looked outside and very excitedly said- Look, it's Spring.

I said - yes, mother nature is working on it but that it probably did not feel like Spring yet.

Carson said - Do you want to plant a garden?

I said - sure, how about in a few weeks (just remembering from last year we did the flowers over Easter break)?

Carson said - okay

Carson then said - we can plant, red, orange, green, purple and white flowers.

I said - that sounds pretty. How about you pick out two colors. What two colors would you like for us to plant?

Carson said - yellow and purple (incidentally, the same colors from last year)

I then asked Fin - what two colors would you like to plant? Two colors?

Fin said - Three, Six, Two

Again, I said - what colors?

Fin said again - Two and Four

Gotta love that. He is talking so much and most of the time, we can have full blow out conversations but he is still just under two and is allowed to get confused once in a while.

We have some fun things coming up in the next few weeks. This weekend we will have Easter and Fin's birthday with the Jewett's. Amiee and Ron and the kids are going to Fla over Easter so, we are celebrating early. I know that Fin is going to love it.

We have a busy week next week. Carson is going to see a new doctor out of Children's hospital. I just wanted to get another opinion and to see if some new insight might help. This doctor is very well known and very good. He runs the Autism center and we are really looking forward to meeting him.

I also have a doctors appointment next week. Actually, it is on Good Friday. Jay will be coming with me as, I will have an ultrasound for my integrated screening. We will also be meeting with the Doc so, that should be fun. Please pray that this little baby is doing well and healthy.

On Good Friday, we are also going to have Fin's birthday party with the Bolone's. We will be having it here at the house. Again, I know he will have a blast. Between his birthday and Easter I am sure he will get way too many gifts!


Much to Jay's dislike, we have a duck couple that has decided to nest in our bushes by the front of the house. I love this and can't wait for little ducklings. Jay on the other hand, is not at all interested in this. For those of you who might now know, Jay has a phobia of birds and ducks. I will take some pics soon and keep you posted on what transpires.

Just a side note - if you come to our house, please call me and I will open the garage for you. I don't want to stress the ducks out and they get really scared when anyone goes near the nest. I can't see any eggs yet but if they do decide to say here, I know that they will be very protective.


Not much else to report. I am going a bit stir crazy here. I guess I am still adjusting to being home. I can get pretty blue as I feel so secluded. I am sure that when the weather warms up a bit and we can open the windows and play outside, I will feel better. This little peanut is also making me feel like crap...all...the....time! I know that is a sign of a healthy pregnancy so, I will roll with it. It takes it's toll nonetheless.

Love you all - Em


Anonymous said...

Hang in there - warm weather is right around the corner. All my blessings for a healthy baby.
Love the flower story!

Heather and Emma said...

Hey Em - If you're feeling lonely give me a call! I could come by and we could have a nice little visit while the kids play! I could use a little adult conversation that doesn't revolve around naps or poop! :)