Monday, December 14, 2009

An Autism Christmas Poem

One of Em's friends sent this to's a great poem...not sure who wrote but it sure hits home with us.

"It was the Night Before Christmas
And all through the house
The creatures were stirring
Yes, even the mouse

We tried melatonin
And gave a hot bath
Asleep early for Christmas? unlikely path

The children were finally All nestled in bed
When visions of Christmas Ran through my OWN head
Did I get the right gift? The right color and style?
Would there be a blank stare Or even, maybe, a smile?

Friends & family come But they don't understand
The pleasure he gets Just from bending his hands.
"Just make him stop it," some say "Just tell him "no",
You must learn to be tough.." On, and on they do go...

We smile and nod
Because we know deep inside
The debate is moot
Let them all take a side

We know what it's like
To live with the spectrum
The struggles and triumphs
Achievements, regressions.

But what some don't know
And what some don't see
Is the joy that we feel
Over simplicity.

He said "hello"!
He ate something green!
He looked me in my eyes
He did not cause a scene!

He peed on the potty!
Who cares if he's ten;
He stopped saying the same thing
Again and again!"

Some others don't realize
Just how we can cope
How we bravely hang on
At the end of our rope

But what they don't see
Is the joy we can't hide
When our children with autism
Make the tiniest stride

We may look at others
Without the problems we face
With envy, with wonder,
Or even distaste,

What we want them to know
What's important to see
Is that children with autism
Bring simplicity.

We don't get excited
Over expensive things
We jump for joy
With the progress work brings

Children with autism
Try so hard every day
That they make us proud
More than words can say.

They work even harder
Than you or I
To achieve something small
To reach a star in the sky

So to those who don't get it
Or can't get a clue
Take a walk in our shoes
And I'll assure you…

That even 10 minutes
Into the walk
You'll look at us all With respect,
even shock.

You will realize
What it is we go through
And the next time you see us
I can assure you

That you won't say a thing
You'll be quiet and learn,
Like the years I learned too
When the tables were turned."

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So much to be thankful for this year!

Hi Everyone! Finally...another post!

I just want to take a minute to count our blessings. First and foremost, I'm thankful that I have been blessed with Emily, Carson, Griffin and Mia. I never imagined that I could feel so fulfilled.

I'm thankful for my parents and Em's parents for everything that they do to help us. Our children are blessed with three sets of grandparents that love them unconditionally. The babysitting, overnights, dinners, gluten-free goodies, the research on Autism, the help with therapies, the financial help with some of the therapies, supplements, etc., the constant gifts for the kids, the house projects, the list goes on and on. There are so many people that I know that would not get this type of support from their parents. I will be forever grateful for this.

I'm thankful for my job and insurance for my kids (and for Em's unemployment, which keeps us afloat....barely:>)

I'm thankful for our entire families. They are all so interested in our lives and what we are doing to try to help Carson. We are very blessed.

I'm thankful for some wonderful friends who also really take an interest in our children and our life.

I'm thankful for my aunts who always make themselves available to help us out by watching our kids. This is totally appreciated...along with the added gifts and extras...a total blessing.

I'm thankful for Mia so that I will know what it is like to have a's going to be very different but also a blessing. She is so beautiful. She's her mommy's twin.

I'm thankful for Griffin for so many reasons. He truly is the easiest child ever. He has the perfect personality. He's hilarious and charming. He's one of a kind. He's a true gift from God. He is the perfect fit for our crazy family. I truly believe that he is an instrumental part of Carson's recovery. He's so patient with him. He plays so nicely with him and he truly loves him.

Since this is "Curing Carson," I want to spend a little extra time on all of the things that I am thankful for about him. Carson is AMAZING. His progress is amazing...of course we want more and faster but as I look at the strides he's made just this year, it blows me away. We have conversations now. He can tell me some things that happened during his day. He can tell me some things that happened yesterday and last week. He's making potty progress. He's sharing and taking turns (sometimes.) He's interested in making friends. He's becoming more and more social. He's doing way better than we thought in Kindergarten. He's spending most of his day on the classroom with the other kids. He's coming out of this world of Autism little by little. As he would say "He makes my heart happy!"

I'm thankful for all of the research done by parents before us. I'm thankful for all of the therapy options, supplements, diets, and knowledge I've gained. I'm thankful for Carson's teachers, therapists, aides, doctors and everyone who has taken part in his recovery process. I hope they all know what they have done for my son.

I'm thankful for Carson for making me a better person and for teaching me life lessons in patience, compassion and love.

I'm thankful for Emily for so many reasons but mostly for taking this journey with me and staying with me. I know I'm not easy to live with sometimes. Our life is not our own, especially right now but it is "ours" and that's the best part of it.

Thanks for reading! I'm thankful for all of you:>)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our future star!

You may see Griffin at the CMA's one day!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The End of Summer

Hey Everyone! We've been slacking on here due to Mia's birth, lack of sleep, tons of visitors and pure exhaustion but here's some more pics from the end of summer. We spent Labor Day up at Grandpa and Grandma K's farm.

They brought up their moped from Florida. Carson loved it.

Ron and Amiee looking very country....

Carson, Luca and Blake went apple picking....

Little Fin

Ron and Adrian

The motorhome....

Luca's drawing....

Grandpa and Grandma K.

Em driving the Polaris.

My little Carson....

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Party of Five

It has been a while. Yes, I know. We have been a bit busy.

The biggest news is that Miss Mia arrived on October 6th. Yes, a bit earlier than we had planned. Part of the reason I was not updating much was because I was in and out of the hospital with high bp. On the evening of Oct. 5th, the docs decided that it was enough... and scheduled her arrival for the next morning. Things went really well and I am pleased that I was very awake and in the moment. Sure, I was nervous but mostly for all the pokes I was going to get. Having done it twice before, I was not scared. Just ready to meet my sweet girl.
Minutes old - Mia Teresa - 7lbs 3oz, 19 inches long
Totally worth it.

I had a very difficult recovery. It was much more painful than the other two. I stayed an extra day due to my BP. Everyday that goes by, I am feeling better. Of course, very tired but starting to feel more like myself.
I will post more soon. Love you all and thank you for thinking of us - Emily
P.S. - this post is dedicated to Margie. She may be the only person that still comes here and checks for updates. :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Day 2

Hi Again! Here's Day 2 of Labor Day Weekend. Trying to get caught up here. We spent the day at Em's cousin Nate's house. It was a great day. The kids loved his pool.

Some shots of the family....

Jonnie and Sophia

Carson getting a ride...

Nate and his dog Hank

Rachel and me

Dennis and Caitlin

Carson with Jonnie and Nate

Audrey and Gianna

Allison "relaxing" with Carson

Alli and Madeline...Sophia and Dale....

Luca doing a jello shot....

Amiee and Alli

A swimming race....

We had a blast with the family....another great day!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend - Day 1

Hey! Sorry...falling a little behind on here. We had a great Labor Day Weekend. Perfect weather. So many great family times.....Saturday started the weekend off at Aunt Carol and Uncle Roger's. We had a great time as usual. Here are some pics....

Ron and the boys

Lounging poolside

Gigi and Adrian with the new puppies

Aunt Carol, Jess, Emma, Drea and Heather

Jess and Emma

More swimming

Brian and Brooke

Amiee and Ron

The boys were worn out by evening so they chilled out with a movie in the theatre room...they look very relaxed.

Great day! More to come from Sunday and Monday.....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sending you off into the world


The day has come that your Mom and I have to send you off to Kindergarten. It's bittersweet to say the least. One of my biggest wishes was that you would be mainstreamed for Kindergarten and you have achieved that goal. I knew you would.

I just tried to put you to bed and instead tucked you in on the couch so you could finish your Scooby Doo Pirate movie, per your request. You were sleeping within 5 minutes. I know you were exhausted from your fun weekend. We had one of the best weekends ever. I could see the joy in your doctors, no therapies, just FAMILY and FUN, exactly what a little 5 year old boy like you should have. I'm sorry that it can't always be like that for you but I love making the most of those moments with you.

This summer has flown by. You have worked harder than ever before and harder than most people will ever have to work. Your hard work has paid off. Sending you off to Kindergarten shouldn't be this hard since we had to send you the past two years to preschool but this seems different. I KNOW that you will rock. I am just scared that people will not see all of your wonderful qualities...I hope they do. You are pure joy.

I hope that you know how much you are truly loved. You have made your mother and I two of the happiest, proudest people in the world. I know that you were pretty into your show just now when we talked but I think that you heard me when I told you how proud you make me. You have changed my life so much. You have given me such an appreciation for things and taught me not to take things for granted and not to judge others. You amaze me every day with your strength and determination.

No matter how many obstacles may come your way this will soar above them. It's so hard to let you go but I know we have to. We have to give you this opportunity to shine.

I can't believe this day is here. Knock em' dead little man!

ALWAYS KNOW HOW MUCH YOU'RE LOVED! You are truly a gift from God.

I Love You.... more than you will ever know.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Baby Girl Update

At the latest, five weeks from tomorrow morning I will be holding our sweet little baby girl. I hope she has a name by then and yes, we are still having a tough time deciding on one.

Just wanted to update a few things -

Her scheduled delivery is for Oct. 15th at 8am. Yes, in just five short weeks it will be the middle of October. Seems like the last few weeks have flown by. I know with school starting, the next few weeks will fly by as well.

Her room is still coming along. Not done yet but we will get it done in the next week or so. I love the color and my mom is making the sweetest bedding. I love it all and although, she wont be sleeping in there for several months, can't wait to see her in there.

Fin is rather confused with it all. He still insists it is a boy and did not like that Papa painted his room pink (really lavender but hey, he is two!).

Carson told me the other night in the car - he wanted to get her a music box. I said that that would be a beautiful gift to get her for her bday. So, in the next 5 weeks, I have to get Carson shopping to find a nice music box for her. I have no idea where he got this idea but thought it was beautiful.

I have NST's twice a week now. I am feeling good and have not had any issues. The NST's were started at 32 weeks soley based on my history of pre-ecclampsia. I am hopeful that I will not get pre-ecclampsia with this baby. Things are just so different and I feel so good, I am confident that the outcome will be different. Things can change quickly so I am glad that they do these tests to take good care of us. With Fin, at this point I was a mess and miserable as well. I got the sweetest boy in the end but, was one crabby, swollen and sore mama.

I have another ultrasound next week. I can't wait to see what her 3d pics look like. I will post them if I can.

Other than that, just getting bigger and bigger! She is really active and that is my favorite part.

So, it is official - 5 weeks and counting!

Love you - E

Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Morning

This past weekend was wonderful. We had very little planned and got to enjoy some quite time and relaxation with the boys. On Sunday it was a bit chilly but Jay got up and suggested we go to the Stony Nature Center. Of course, I said - great, lets go. The boys and I have gone several times this year. Mostly with my sister and nephews or Papa Tom. My boys even call the actual Nature Center - Papa's barn. I guess they really associate it with him. My boys truly have a love of nature and love going.
Pics are below -
Our first stop on the trails. They love to find rocks and throw them in the river. Fin could do this for hours but Carson is all about the hike so, he was bored at this point and wanted to move on.
Still waiting for Fin.
Okay - he was over it and decided he was going to move on. Of course, we were close behind. He would hike the trails for hours if we could keep up with him.

Come on, one more time?

Jay kept asking me to dare him to cross over the river on this tree. I told him he was crazy and that no, I would not dare him to do it but that I was sure he could. No need to prove it to me!

I love pictures of kids running and having fun. Of course, there is always brotherly competition - each one of them insists on being the leader.

A bridge.

My all time favorite pic! First one of them holding hands and I love Fin's face looking at Carson. They did this totally on their own. Makes it extra special.

We had a great time. It was Jay's first time there and he loved it too. He kept commenting to me that it was very relaxing. Our next date night, we are going to pack a dinner and just go hang at Stony. We have an annual pass and really, it pays for itself in just a few trips. It is really a nice and affordable family activity.
Love you - Emily