Monday, August 31, 2009

Sunday Morning

This past weekend was wonderful. We had very little planned and got to enjoy some quite time and relaxation with the boys. On Sunday it was a bit chilly but Jay got up and suggested we go to the Stony Nature Center. Of course, I said - great, lets go. The boys and I have gone several times this year. Mostly with my sister and nephews or Papa Tom. My boys even call the actual Nature Center - Papa's barn. I guess they really associate it with him. My boys truly have a love of nature and love going.
Pics are below -
Our first stop on the trails. They love to find rocks and throw them in the river. Fin could do this for hours but Carson is all about the hike so, he was bored at this point and wanted to move on.
Still waiting for Fin.
Okay - he was over it and decided he was going to move on. Of course, we were close behind. He would hike the trails for hours if we could keep up with him.

Come on, one more time?

Jay kept asking me to dare him to cross over the river on this tree. I told him he was crazy and that no, I would not dare him to do it but that I was sure he could. No need to prove it to me!

I love pictures of kids running and having fun. Of course, there is always brotherly competition - each one of them insists on being the leader.

A bridge.

My all time favorite pic! First one of them holding hands and I love Fin's face looking at Carson. They did this totally on their own. Makes it extra special.

We had a great time. It was Jay's first time there and he loved it too. He kept commenting to me that it was very relaxing. Our next date night, we are going to pack a dinner and just go hang at Stony. We have an annual pass and really, it pays for itself in just a few trips. It is really a nice and affordable family activity.
Love you - Emily

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Anonymous said...

OK...I have tears - again. These pictures are so wonderful. Love all but the one of them holding hands is so special that I need to print it and hang it on my wall. So happy for you. Much love