Sunday, April 5, 2009

Role Reversal at the Photo Shoot

Hi Everyone!

Well.....we did it again. We went to get the boys pics done. Thankfully, their b-days are less than a month apart so we can do them in one trip. They also both fall around Easter every year so we lump it into one photo shoot.

Our favorite place My Photographer recently closed down so we went to Portrait Innovations. We had went there once for Christmas and didn't like the quality of the pictures as well but the prices are better, which is great. This time, we had a great experience...besides waiting like 20 minutes to get started, which is always fun with Carson....because he is so patient...haha. He did amazingly well though. He was watching two little girls get their Easter shots done and laughing when they laughed, commenting, etc. He was very excited for his turn, which is not usually the case. Griffin, on the other hand, had no interest...he just wanted to play with the blocks and not be bothered....thus the ROLE REVERSAL!

You will see in the pictures, which are in reverse order....last part of shoot is first and they go backwards. Carson ROCKED! He was posing like a little model, did not get distracted at all, followed all of the photographer's cues on poses, etc. There was no Autism in this shoot and it felt amazing. The only thing that could have made it better was little Griffin....he was a little stinker....kept walking away, barely any smiles, not cooperative at all but we still managed a few cute shots.

Hope you enjoy!

Thanks for checking in. Hope you like the pics!


Journey To Eden said...

Two of the most beautiful children in the world!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Looked like Carson was really enjoying himself - great job! Too funny with Grif - he can't be prefect all the time.

Niki said...

OMG, too cute!! They both look like little models, and I love the outfits:)

Anonymous said...

I love that you always do the barefoot thing...way cute! Carson is so mini-Jay! Griffin has such a wise little twinkle in his eye. Thanks for sharing. I want to kiss their faces off!