Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Griffin!

Wow. Where did two years go? I can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that Carson is five let alone my baby, is two!

My Sweet Birthday Boy Fin,

Today is your birthday. I remember your birth so clearly. Unlike your brothers, I had not labored for hours on end and was awake and aware of the whole thing. I was so scared you were going to be too tiny as we needed you to be born three weeks early. You were tiny (just 6.1lbs) but from the moment you were born the joy you have brought into our lives has been huge.

Being the second born, I believe you got the better mommy. You got me as a more relaxed, comfortable mommy. I cared less about the house and other things and just spent my time loving on you. You slept with me for months and you and I had a bond from the very beginning that I knew was very special. Your brother was three when you were born and by that age, he was much more interested in playing with Daddy than snuggling with me. You and I settled into a nice rhythm.

In turn, you were the worlds easiest baby. Never once did you cry for no reason, keep me up all night or fuss. Really, I have said that if anyone could design a baby, they would want you. Sweet, loving, kind and really, really easy. That is not to say that had you been more difficult I would not have loved you. Of course I would. Your easy way is just very much your personality. You are also very cautious and scared of unknown places and activities. I have been told that your personality is alot like mine was at your age. I felt like we understood one another from the very beginning.

And now you are two! You are so very independent. You think you are five (Carson's age) and will not let anyone stop you from trying. You are still a very easy going baby but you now have a temper and a will that at times blows me away. The temper tantrums started about two months ago and are sometimes so passionate, they make me laugh.

You are so very bright. I can have full conversations with you. You understand directions and follow them. With all we have gone through with your brother I truly believe that God blessed you with all of this earlier than the norm, so that your daddy and I did not have to worry. Thank you for that peace of mind.

You are also very funny. You are still just a peanut but you! I hear all the time how you look just like your Uncle Tommy. You look more like a Jewett than you do a Krawczyk.

You have a very serious side to your personality. You are an observer and watch people and things. You always have. You take it all in and then boom..... you can do things that I did not even know you could.

You and Carson love one another very much. You both look out for one an other and are interested in what each of you are doing. Of course, you fight and bicker but that is to be expected. You watch him go to school every day and the first thing you ask for when you wake up from your nap is " Carsi home?". Yes, you call your brother Carsi. When Carsi gets into trouble you are a mess and always upset too. I love the relationship you have and know that as you get older it too will blossom into a great friendship.

Although you think you are all grown up, you still need me and cling to me very much. You don't like it if daddy hugs me or we snuggle. You will tell him in your meanest voice, "No Daddy, my Mommy!". For right now, you are still all mine. You like to play chase with Carson and Daddy but the rest of the time, still want me and I will tell you, I love that.

The new baby is due in the fall and I have serious concerns about how you will do. I know all will be okay but I actually feel bad that our special time will be coming to an end. You still remind me that you are the baby. You refer to yourself at times as the baby and I know it is a role you are not quite ready to leave.

Griffin - you will always be my baby. Loving you has been one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you for making me a better mom. The joy you have brought to your dad and I cannot be put into words. You were and are the perfect fit to our family.

I will love you forever - Mommy

Griffin James: 6.1lbs 18 inches long.

3 months

Christening 4 months

Halloween - 6 months

1 year
1.3 years - My favorite pic of you. I love those lips!

2 years - Your serious face. You were not really happy with having your picture taken!

Happy Birthday little one !


Anonymous said...

"Happy Tears" are coming down my face because love and happiness is all I feel after reading this birthday message. Griffin is his own little man and we are all blessed by his birth. God bless Griffin....nonna

Heather and Emma said...

Seriously Emily! Are you trying to make everyone cry! Just kidding, but it was a very sweet post! We had a blast with you guys today...and Emma just loved Fin! Happy Birthday Griffin!

Anonymous said...

Your messages to your boys are so sweet *sniff sniff*. I forgot how bald he used to be...too cute! He is definitely a little charmer. Happy Birthday Griffin!