Saturday, April 4, 2009

Did you watch Larry King Live last night?

Jay and I missed the 9pm showing but had the DVR ready for the re-run at midnight. We watched this morning. Wow. What a show!

If you are not aware - Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and several others were on the show to debate autism. We follow the same protocol that Jenny did/does with her son Evan. So, we were obviously very biased on this subject and adore Jenny like she is family. After all, she has done so much for our community.

The debate was mostly regarding vaccines. I know you all must get sick of us talking about vaccines but please, please... watch the show in full. If you can't, pleas go to and watch a clip from last nights show. It is just a 10min clip and is pretty good but does leave out a great deal of important information.

The most important fact in Jay and my mind is the fact that since 1989 there have been 26 additional vaccines added to the pediatric schedule. This epidimic has risen since the addition of these vaccines. We are the only contry in the world that recommends 36 vaccines in two years of life. Most other western world contries recommend 10-15 and have VERY low rates of autism.

My favorite quote of the show (not on the above clip) - "If you have access to clean water and health care... it is very difficult to die of diarrhea". - Jim Carrey on why the rota virus vaccine is just totally unnecessary!

Yes, one of the thirty vaccines your child is due to receive in their first two years of life is for the stomach flu!

Again, we are not anti-vaccine nor do we think that people should stop vaccinating. We just believe that the pharma companies can make them cleaner and safer. We also think 30 in two years is just ....too..... damn.... many!

Did any of you watch? What are your thoughts?

Love you - Em

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Anonymous said...

I watched the show and it was full of important facts and surprising information. Why most doctors refuse to listen to the "parents" is just crazy. I have seen first hand the change in Carson and that's because his parents took control - thank God.