Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Carson's Take on Baby # 3 and a defining moment in motherhood

Conversation while driving home from OT this past Tuesday. Carson is behind me in the car seat.

Me - Carson. Does mommy have a baby in her belly?

Carson - Yes

Me - Do you think it is a boy baby or a girl baby?

Carson - A big boy baby. (In other words he wants me to give birth to a 5 year old so that he will have some one to play with.)

Me - Carson, What should we name the baby?

Carson - Boy

Me - Carson, we can't name the baby, boy. What if it is a girl baby? What should we name her?

Carson - Big Boy!

Me - Carson, I don't think she would appreciate that.

(Just to mention - Carson's teacher at school had a baby this past December and Carson was obsessed with the whole thing. When I asked him what she named her baby, he told me "Jesus". I think he got the holiday and his teacher's baby confused.)


Tonight while I was changing into PJ's, Carson came up and put his face on my belly. While pointing to my belly, I asked him, "what is that?". (We don't need to get into the fact that it was really my jelly roll!) He said - a baby. He then rested his face on my belly for a moment. He then started to laugh and told me - the baby kicked me!. I thought that was so precious!

While I was making dinner tonight, Carson was adamant about helping me. Usually, I let him. I enjoy having his help in the kitchen but tonight everything was already on the stove and it was hot and I did not have anything for him to do. He pulled up a chair to stand on anyway, and demanded to help. I tried explaining again, that everything was hot and it was not safe to help. He then said to me - Mommy, please be quite for a little while! I had to look away as Jay and I were dying.

Thanks for reading. Love you - E


Anonymous said...

So funny. You never know what kids will say. We can't wait to see you tomorrow.

Heather and Emma said...

He's so sweet and funny!

Rebecca said...

That is hilarious!! Sweet Carson!