Friday, March 20, 2009

Florida/Disney Trip - Part 2

Hi Again! Ready for part 2??? Well I left off at Wednesday morning when we were on the safari at Animal Kingdom. We went to the Magic Kingdom again from there. Here's a shot of the castle!

On Thursday, we started off at Epcot. We started a new tradition and let Carson start the Disney pin collection. Every park sells all these different pins and apparently you can go up to any of the cast members and trade pins with them if they have one that you want. Fun but was nice though because we got one free pin with our parking one day and another free pin with Carson's special gluten free dessert at out character lunch so we only bought two pins, the "necklace" to pin them on and a lanyard to hang from the bottom. It will be something fun to take with us in the upcoming years to continue his collection. Next time, we'll let Griffin start one.

Em and Fin on the Nemo ride at Epcot...

My sweet little Carson....doesn't he look like an angel?

More Epcot shots...

After Epcot, we went to the Magic Kingdom again for our third and final night....

Griffin enjoyed his ice cream and got really mad when I tried to steal some bites.

Looks a little sleepy.....

Time for Spectromagic!

Carson made it up for the whole parade but fell asleep before the Fireworks!

Griffin got a good seat for the Fireworks!

Friday morning, we headed back to North Port. We met Grandpa and Grandma K. at Venice Beach.

Saturday morning, we went boating. The boys took turns driving.

Faster! Carson loved it....Griffin not so much!

Carson fell asleep on the boat.....a moment of relaxing....

We had a great time and made a lot of memories with our boys! Can't wait to do it again....not sure how soon was exhausting....not sure how we'll do with 3!!! Yikes!

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Thanks for the photos - so many cute pictures.