Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Fever!

We go it bad. I know most of you do too. Will Spring ever get here?

On Sunday, we decided to pretend it was spring and go to the park for a little while. We actually had gone three times this past week. The kids need some fresh air and to run and play. We do too.

The park we go to is right by the Shelby Twp. Police station. It is beautiful! It has several playscapes for the kids. One is perfect for Fin and the other is for the bigger kids.

Fin got brave and wanted to try the big one yesterday. He went down the slide and loved it.

Climbing his way back up. He was so cute. He thought he was such a big boy. I love it when I see that "I did it!" look in his eye.

Carson on the swing. I wish I had gotten a better shot.

The park has a lovely pond with lots of ducks. We saved all the left over hot dog buns from Carson's bday party and went to feed the ducks.

The sun was shining but it was still pretty cold.

Fin loved it. He would yell "tam on". (Come on!)

On the way home, this miracle happened. All on their own, they held hands. Jay and I heard Carson say "Oh Griffin, that is nice". We looked back and this is what they were doing. They are brothers and love one another very much.

We hope you had a nice weekend!

Love you - Em


Anonymous said...

What a great day! Your pictures of the boys walking with Jay and feeding the ducks are so sweet - the holding hands in the car is something you will remember forever. Take it all in - it all goes too fast. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day!

Journey To Eden said...

Oh, that is soooo cute!!!! So glad you had your camera!

Anonymous said...

I did not notice Jay feeding the ducks. I guess he is not over his bird phobia!