Sunday, March 1, 2009


Hello all. I am writing tonight from the couch in not so sunny Florida. I guess all my bragging about it being wonderful and warm and the beach and all.... bit me in the butt.

Today was darn right cold! We started out the day going out on the boat as we knew we were going to get some rain by noon. Since the boys were up by 0630 we headed out on the water by 0730.

It started out great and the weather, although slightly cool was still nice. Carson tried out fishing and found out all too quickly that fishing is a sport that requires patience.

Patience is not something that Carson has a lot of. I don't know of many kids that could just sit and wait and wait, and wait before getting a bit frustrated. He did really well considering. He was very interested in all the fishing equipment and wanted to try it all out. Jay was our captain today as Bill was helping with the rods and such. Jay did a good job with the boat.

Fin was right there with Carson trying to get in on all the action - or should I say....lack of action. While waiting for the fish to bite we looked for alligators and manatees. We struck out on them too!

We did not have any luck with the fish but it was nice to get out on the water and enjoy the little bit of sun we did get today.

After that, we had a wonderful breakfast and went swimming. This afternoon Grandma Ellie, Uncle John, Danielle and Bella came over for dinner. Bella is John's girlfriends daughter. She is adorable and 5.5 years old.

Carson was soooo excited to have a playmate over. As soon as she walked in, he ran up to her. He said to me - "it's a girl!" Bella and Carson played so nice together. They did play dough, colored, played tag and hide and seek.

Fin has a major crush on Bella and kept telling her to "take ma hand!" and would drag her around the house. Too cute.

Right now the boys are watching the Cars movie and we are counting down the minutes until they are sleeping in which Jay and I will watch The Changeling.

Tomorrow will be another cool day but at least it is suppose to be sunny and we wont have any rain. That wont stop Carson from swimming. He will go in, no matter what!!!

Tomorrow is our last day here in North Port until the end of the week. We will be heading to Orlando to feel the Disney magic. I am just a tad excited. I can't believe that we still have one whole week to enjoy "getting away".

Speaking of "getting away" I have learned again (realized this the first time I vacationed with a child) that a mom never really "gets away". There is laundry, baths, dishes, snacks and bags to pack. I am no longer the girl on the lounge chair reading a celeb mag, drinking a nice cold coke. I now rarely sit down for more than 15 seconds and have yet to finish one mag that I have started. I have substituted my coke for lemonade... and it is all okay. It is all about my family now and their having fun and making memories. It is pure joy to see them get so excited and have fun. I am just so grateful that we were able to come down. I know that the day will come when Jay and I vacation alone again and frankly... that makes me very sad. We pray that out kids think we are fun and want to hang out with once they are older.

In the mean time, I totally understand the need for "girls getaways". Those are secret trips where moms hang out with other moms and lounge in chairs and read magazines and drink coke (maybe with some Jack or Captain in it) and .... miss their kids. I could do that!

Napping and getting enough rest has been hard for the boys. They both want to play hard all day and swim, swim, swim. It is wearing them out and thus causing some bickering and sour moods. Pray for them to feel well and rested as we head out on the next part of our trip. I can't imagine anyone being in a bad mood while visiting the happiest place on earth.

Love you all - Em


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me smile, laugh and at times - a little misty. I can picture this whole trip thru your words - thank you. Have fun and tell the boys to be ready for lots of hugs and kisses when they arrive home.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're having a great time! Hopefully all the snow we got today will melt before you get home. Can't wait to see pictures! Have fun at Disney!