Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hello from Sunny Flordia

Hello all. We made it!!!

I can't tell you how nervous I was for the travel! I was driving Jay nuts. I was so worried about everything - our luggage fitting in our car, checking in, security and then of course the flight. We made it and I am so happy to report that all went pretty well.

Packing the car was fun. We were slipping on all the ice on our driveway. We made jokes that it will be nice to not have ice to deal with for a few days! We had bags and luggage everywhere. One more piece and we would not have been able to fit it all.

We made it to the airport and parked the car. We had packed both of the boys car seat into one large bag that Granny and Pa let us borrow.

Walking from our parked car to the check-in gate - We were quite the sight. I had Griffin on my hip with the help of the hip hammock, Carson in the stroller, two bags on the stroller, I was dragging one piece of luggage with one hand and had one hand to push the stroller.

Jay had the giant bag with both car seats/toys/life vests, and two other pieces of luggage to pull. We kept having to take breaks because we did not realize that we should have gotten into shape for our vacation. Forget looking good in a bathing suit - we needed muscle just for the luggage. Then, at one stop - the big bag with the car seats BROKE.

We met a very nice man who worked for the airline and he helped Jay. It was very embarrassing. By the time we got up to the check-in, I was worn out and getting crabby. We made it though and the airline did not even charge us for our extra three pieces of luggage. We lucked out and headed to Security.

Walking up to Security I noticed the line and inside had to regroup - two kids that don't want to be contained! Fin does not like the hip hammock and Carson thinks he is too old for the stroller. This would not be a problem if Carson did not get distracted and just walk towards whatever is interesting - but I digress.

Then, all the sudden and angel appeared in a Security uniform directing me to the family line. I literally said - God bless you. As this line, this special, beautiful line just for families of stressed out parents and over excited kids had NO wait. We walked up to the conveyors and did the security thing with only a few minor issues.

On to the gate we went - our wait was not very long and then it was time to board the plane. Carson was now in a total fit of impatientness as he could not handle waiting one more second to board that plane. When they announced boarding for families I literally cut in front of all those annoying people that get in front when their line is not boarding for like another twenty minutes - but I digress again. At this point, Carson is trowing himself on the floor, Fin is screaming - Jay and I are trying to get all our carry-ons, tickets and ourselves on the plane. We had quite the group of people surrounding us during this time of entertainment. To make the most of the moment - I jokingly said that I knew all of them wanted to sit by us. Everyone laughed. Humor is great for diffusing stressful situations.

Once on the plane, the boys were PERFECT. Once we took off, Carson invited Fin to share his seat and watch his God Made Animals movie. They snacked, talked and just chilled out. It was amazing.

I have a funny moment. Right across the seat from me was a guy I went to high school with. I was nice to catch up and have conversation for some of the flight. They are on our return flight too. What a small world.

Grandma picked us up and when we got home - we hit the pool. Fin did not like it much but Carson LOVED it.

I am happy to report that everyone is sleeping well. The pool and fresh air is wearing the boys out and they both have napped everyday too.

Yesterday, we hung out by the pool while Bill and Linda worked. It was nice to just chill out. Grandma Ellie came over to visit as did Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda. That evening we had pizza with Uncle John and Grandma Ellie. It was really nice.

Today we went to Venice beach. Next Friday we are going to go to Siesta Key beach. Tonight we are just chilling out. We have been smart and are wearing our sunscreen.

Tomorrow the weather is not going to be great so, we are going to watch movies and if it is nice enough let Carson try fishing. I know that he will love that and has been looking at the boats going by, asking to fish.

Fin has started to like the pool. Carson is now tall enough to touch the bottom with his toes. Wow. time flies!

Monday night we will head to Orlando for three fun days of Disney Magic.

This is just what we needed. A nice long, relaxing vacation.

Just one comment - Carson told me tonight that he misses his bathtub and house. Fin has been telling me that he needs to go to Mommy's house. We love vacationing but the boys are homebodies at heart.

I am sure that there are tons of grammar errors in this post. I don't have much time and am working on a laptop with tiny keys. Please forgive me. You can make fun of me later!
Love you all and miss you - Em


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your having a great time. I'm glad everything went well on the plane. That's the most stressful part.
Love you all

Anonymous said...

So good to hear from you, I miss you so much. Love Carson and Griff sitting together on the plane, Griff wanting mommy's house and Carson almost touching the pool bottow. You sound happy - so good to hear.