Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Off to see the Wizard!

There are many games we play in this house. With Carson's imaginative play taking off - we are often one character or another. Last night was a really fun game of The Wizard of Oz. Below are some clips of our playing.

Carson is always Dorothy - or as he calls himself - Carson Dorothy. Jay and I play many parts from the witches to the flying monkeys. Fin gets in on the action as Toto or the Lion. Those seem to be his favorite parts.
We have so much fun and the boys make us laugh so hard. Fin really gets into it. Although he is not even 22 months, he totally plays along and understands all that is going on. You can see both their personalities come out. Fin is observant and quiet but participates. Carson is the boss and gets everyone going. You can also see the love they have for one another.
As you will see, most of what we play ends up into a game of tag (in character, of course). Fin is barking throughout the video and does a great job of being the Lion. Carson will not let go of his basket and loves carrying Toto.

These types of activities are great motivators to get Carson talking and interacting with us.


Disclaimer - the house is a mess so, please don't judge. I always pick up before bed and it was almost bedtime. Also, the video is bumpy at some parts. It could make you motion sick.

Oz #1

Oz #2

Oz #3

The End! (or so we thought)

When we were all done and I stopped filming. Fin ran upstairs (which is he not allowed to do alone) and came back with two monkeys for us to add into the fun. I guess he did not like Daddy's portrayal of the flying monkey and had a better idea! He amazes me with his insight and thought process. He is such a cutie!!

Have a great day!!!

Love you all - Em


Anonymous said...

That was the cutest thing ever! I got really scared when Dorothy Carson was carrying Toto Griffin down the stairs! Yikes!
Love your witch voice, Em! LOL

Anonymous said...

Great videos. Sophia loved them. She watched Wizard of Oz a few months ago and named her stuffed dog Toto and has to sleep with it every night. The second she heard Toto Griffin she had to run upstairs and get it.
Love Audrey

Anonymous said...

Dad and I had a good laugh wathcing our cute little grandsons play acting. We also got a kick out of you and Jay laughing the whole time.

Beth said...

That was awesome!!!