Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little bit of this and that!

Below are some pics of the past few weeks activities.

Chinese New Year
This past Sunday we celebrated Chinese New Year. We are a few weeks late but Tommy and Niki were in NY, so we decided to do it when they got home. Every year we celebrate in honor of my future niece Eden. If you are not aware, my sister and brother-in-law are adopting from China. They have been waiting almost two years already with a long journey ahead. We all love Eden so much already. We can't what to have her home and with our family.

Uncle Ron made this Thomas table years ago for Adrian. I must say, it is totally cool. He brought it over to my mom and dad's for the boys to play with. Griffin LOVED it.

Carson is into tools lately and although, he has two kiddo tool kits, he much prefers the kit my mom and dad made for him with real tool. We keep this at their house so that he has a treat to play with when we go over there. He even helped my mom change all her knobs on the cabinets this week. He is such a little handy man.

I thought this was very funny. This was Carson reaction when I threatened we would have to leave if he did not stop climbing the stairs. I guess he understood and decided to get as close to the carpet as possible and not move. (I did not have to tell him again!)

Griffin - happy as always, enjoying some ice cream!

Amiee and Ron went to a Chinese adoption conference in Chicago this past fall. While there they visited China Town and picked up some traditional New Year's crackers and candy. This is Amiee trying the New Year crackers. They were very pretty to look at but tasted horrible!

Jay being brave and trying one too.

Tommy and Niki - in just a few weeks they will be in NY permanently. I miss them already.

Our sweet Luca. He too tried the New Year cracker.

My beautiful sister. We also celebrated Amiee, Nonna and Uncle Ron's birthdays as well.

My parents love to entertain and go all out for every party. They decorate beautifully for Chinese New Year too. My mom makes stir fry, won ton soup, rice and almond cookies. Dinner is delicious. She also makes sure to have some GFCF goodies for Carson and Luca.

Blakes 5th Birthday Party
We also had fun celebrating Blake's 5th birthday. He had a Buzz Lightyear party and got tons of toys. The boys had a blast playing in the new finished basement. Carson was very sad to leave when it was time to go.

Carson had to wear one of his Toy Story shirts in honor of the Buzz party. We might be having a Buzz party for him in just a few weeks. He and Blake are only three weeks apart.

Blowing out candles.

Being shy!

Valentines Day!
Last week, I came home from the gym to find Jay, Carson and Fin making Valentines for Carson's school. It was too adorable. Carson did a great job and loved making them. We have been making them ever since.

Backyardagains Valentines. I got them at the dollar store. Yay for me! I love a good deal.

Fin's camera face. Whenever I get the camera out, he makes this face and says cheese. Too funny!

Putting on the stickers. What a good daddy!
(Oh! By the way, I got the BEST valentines day gift this year! I will have to fill you in on it at another time.)
Sophia's 2nd Birthday Party
Earlier this month we also had Sophia's 2nd birthday. Sophia is my cousin Audrey's little girl. Sophia just became a big sister this past December. We did not take Carson to the party. He was having a very hard week and instead, he went to Granny's house to go sledding. Fin had a blast and calls Sophia - Fia.
Proud Nonno and baby Gianna. She is so sweet and looks just like Sophia did at that age.

I was showing Fin pictures of the party and he commented on this one - He very excitedly said "Fia's house!".

In just one week we will be on our way to some warm weather. We can't wait. I plan on packing as much as we can this weekend to save us some stress this coming week.
Also - it would appear that I never go anywhere since I am never in any of the pics. I make Jay a calander every year for Christmas using the previous year's pictures, so I am always trying to get some good pics of him with the boys. I will have to be sure to get some pics of myself with the kids. Not that I love seeing myself in pics but to have some memories that I was there too.:)
Love you all and thanks for checking in!

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