Saturday, May 24, 2008

Carson gots the niffles and the neezes

Hi Everyone! Sorry we've been slacking this week on our blog. With Em being gone Sunday - late Wednesday night, I didn't have the time or energy. It was a crazy week. Our life definitely felt out of sync with Mommy gone. Thankfully, I had a lot of help. Of course, this happened to be the same week that my portion of a huge project that I am assigned to at work took off so I was at work until almost 6:30 all the nights that Em was gone. Nonna and Papa Tom had the boys during the day on Monday and Wednesday and Aunt Carol and Cousin Dan had them Tuesday. Granny picked them up for me everyday at 3:00 once she got out of work so by the time I got to her and Papa's house to pick them up, they were already bathed, fed, etc. and I had delicious dinners waiting for me. That doesn't happen when Emily is home because neither of us cook much. Uncle Tommy and soon to be Aunt Niki came over to watch the boys Wednesday so that I could go pick Emily up from the airport. It's so nice to have her back home. I truly don't know how single parents do it.

Thankfully, Carson and Griffin both fell asleep on the way to drop Em off at the airport on Sunday so there was no drama when dropping her off. They slept all the way home too! Once we pulled into the driveway, Carson woke up and said "Where's Mommy?" I answered him and told him that she got on an airplane. He looked up in the sky and said "mommy in pace." He's not good with his s's so I said "yes, mommy in pace."

I didn't get to spend too much time with the boys through the week but we had a lot of quality time Sunday night when we got home. Carson and I did flashcards once Griffin went to bed. He knows all of his letters and the sounds that they make. He's been watching his Leap Frog Letter Factory video so he sang a song for each letter along with the sound that it makes. There were points when I was laughing so hard that I was crying because of his lisp and the sounds he was coming up with. We then went through them again and he made up a song for each of the pictures on the cards as well. Where he comes up with these songs, I'm not sure. I love his imagination. He's becoming more and more interactive everyday. We are so blessed!

Again last night, both Emily and I were in stitches. The boys go through stages with their cartoons as most kids do. We happen to be back in a Wiggles stage. Last night, Carson started to sing his song "Rolling down the sandhills, rolling down the sandhills" and he laid on the floor and start rolling across the living room. The next thing we see is Griffin try to gracefully throw himself on the floor and do several rolls across the living room floor as Carson sang. Emily and I couldn't believe that he got the concept and just started following along to Carson's song. He is only 13 months old. We were laughing so hard at Fin that Carson kept saying "hey guys, I'm right here," which made us laugh even harder. These are the things that make our life so fun.

Today, we were off to Cousin Lora and Jeff's for a graduation party. It was a beautiful and fun-filled day. Carson had a blast swimming and bouncing on the trampoline. It was great to see everyone and we got exciting news that Cousins Audrey and Dale are having another baby! The boys love all of their cousins so we couldn't be happier. Cousin Rachel is due in August and now Audrey in December. Carson was so tired that he was sleeping by the time we were out of Lora and Jeff's sub. He awoke once we got home and informed us "Carson gots the niffles and the neezes!" He's so funny! Off to Aunt Carol and Uncle Roger's tomorrow to see the other side of the family! More swimming! Carson is so excited!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Carson and Griffin for making my day. It was so good to see Carson running, swimming and jumping around. How cute was Griffin playing in the little pool with his darling little cousins....too cute! God Bless my little ones, they make my life so (yes, Jay) wonderful!!!!!!!