Sunday, May 4, 2008

God only gives you what you can handle

Although I think that both Emily and I keep a pretty upbeat, positive attitude about what Carson is going through, there are times when it becomes overwhelming and downright sad. I had a conversation with my mom a couple of months ago and she said "God only gives you what you can handle." At the time, I was feeling like I couldn't handle it but the more I think about it, the more I believe that statement is true. Our life is a little crazier and busier than the norm so God gave us this perfect little angel named Griffin. Griffin just turned one and he couldn't be an easier baby. I got to spend some quality "Daddy time" with him yesterday. Typically, we all do everything together around here but usually when we split up, it's Daddy and Carson and Mommy and Griffin. Yesterday started out like any typical weekend...time to get groceries, etc. The plan was for me to get groceries while Griffin was taking his morning nap so that Emily could do stuff around the house, pack bags for our afternoon outing, etc. and only have Carson to deal with. Well, my plan didn't work. I took too long to get around and Griffin woke up so I decided to take him with me. Our trip to the grocery store turned into a two hour ordeal because we had to go to three different stores looking for Carson's gluten free pizzas. Griffin was a perfect angel. He never made a peep. I had given him a mohawk hairstyle before we left so people at the stores were commenting on his hair. He would just smile and laugh. It literally was as easy as if I would have been by myself...a far cry from last week when I took Carson (haha!) Griffin is PURE JOY! It just reaffirmed to me that God really does only give you what you can handle.

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