Sunday, May 4, 2008

Funnies from the weekend

Although Carson is speech delayed, he does have a lot of language. We just had his IEP meeting at school this week and his expressive language has improved by over nine months. He is at a 2year 8month expressive language level. That was great news. Of course, he is 4years and 2 months but I know that we will get up to our age eventually. (His receptive/processing is at 2yrs. 3months)

One of the most fun things about watching your child come out of their shell is listening to Carson try to communicate. We love it and celebrate each new word. Here are some funnies from the weekend -

Wiggers of Oz (Wizard of Oz) - We were visiting with Amiee and Ron and the Wizard of Oz was on. Carson loves it and wanted to watch it again. He requested the Wiggers of Oz.

Ice Cream are good for you (Ice Cream is good for you) - Carson trying to negotiate having some chocolate ice (rice) cream for breakfast. Gotta hand it to him! We will work on verbs!

It's Beautiful Daddy - While pulling into the parking lot of the family party we attended this weekend. They had a bounce house and Carson thought this was beautiful.

It's gone up to Space - Carson accidentally let go of his balloon at the family party and when Amiee told him it went up into the sky, Carson corrected her and told her that no, it went up into space (with a lisp).

The best funny from the weekend was on Sat, while playing hide and seek. Carson has recently understood how to play this game and loves it. When we count and look for him we will talk out loud and say things like - Carson is not in the kitchen or Carson is not in the study. All the while Carson is telling us where he is to come and find him. When Carson was looking for Jay and I this weekend, he too was talking about where he was looking. The funniest part was, he would say things like - Mommy's not in the bowl (the size of a kids cereal bowl) or Daddy's not under the firetruck (a kids ride on firetruck). Too funny. It was all Jay and I could do to not crack up and give away our hiding spots.

Everyday is a surprise and so much fun. Our children are such joy!


Adriana said...

Great site Em and Jay ! Our buddy is making great headway, your wonderful parents.
Love, Papa Tom

Anonymous said...

I just love that kid!!!!!!!


Lyn said...

Em and Jay,

So nice to be able to go onto your blog and find out all the latest news on your family. We really miss you and as I have told your mom and dad many, many times, you all really need a Florida vacation! The boys would love it!!! Miss you.