Thursday, June 26, 2008

Break - Coming soon

I am so excited. Jay and I just coordinated a few days off next week to spend time together with the boys. I have not taken any time off of work (for fun things!) since February. As you can tell from previous entries, we are ready and due for a break. I just hope the weather holds out and we can have some fun outside.

Updates for this week -

Fin is sick. Well, not really sick....just running a temperature. I took him in yesterday and they could not find anything wrong. As of this afternoon he still has a fever and we will be going back in to the Ped tomorrow. It is low grade and the Doc said that I could wait to see how Friday is but, I am all over this stuff and have already made an appointment. Mama does not mess around with a sick baby!!! Fin is miserable. He is very fussy and will not eat. That alone tells me he is not feeling well. Fin is not known to EVER pass on food. I will keep you posted on how he is doing. Please pray for him that he is feeling better soon and that the fever is just something very, not serious! You know how my mind can be a bit crazy!

Carson is doing okay this week. He has been really clingy too and even cried yesterday when I left. This is not like him at all and really reinforced the idea that Jay and I need to take some time off to be with the boys.

Carson has really gotten into the movie Cars this week. He calls Lightening McQueen - Lightening Between. I love it and don't correct him on this.

We are actively potty training although we have yet to have any pee make it into the potty. Yes, he is four and yes, most kids (even boys) are potty trained by now....remember he is about 2.5 developmentally. We have just not felt that he would understand up until now. Given the lack of pee in the potty, I still am not sure he "gets" it but I know that he will eventually. Seems like every week we are putting that poor kid through something. Last week it was chelation, this week potty training. No wonder, he is a bit fussy lately.

Jay and I are looking forward to the 4th celebrations. We will have a picnic with the Facciolla's, a swimming party with the Bolone's and a day at the farm with the Krawczyk's. The two additional days we are taking off of work we are reserving "just for us - family time". We have had so many wonderful celebrations this summer but I can't remember when we did anything "just us". We will see.

This Sunday we are going to the Grosse Pointe Fireworks. It is one of my most favorite family traditions. I think Carson will really love it. Fin might be a bit scared but he will be okay. My Papa lives there and we can watch the fireworks mosquito free from the inside of his screened in porch.

Amiee, Ron, Luca and Adrian came over last night. Jay had a work dinner and we got to visit. The boys were total entertainment. There is just something about four boys being together that brings out the loudest, most active and yes, sometimes argumentative natures they have. The best part of the night was Adrian, Luca, Amiee, Carson and I snuggled in Jay and my big bed and watched Toy Story. Kids amaze me in how they can watch the same movies, over and over again!

Not much else to report. I have to thank Jay for all the kind things he says about me on this blog. We did have so much fun together last weekend. We have been married for almost 5.5 years and I have to tell you - I adore this man. Not only do I love him but I really, really like him too. Yes, being married to your best friend is...well, it is the BEST.

Love to you all and have a great night.


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