Friday, June 13, 2008

Going to the Doctor (What's new?)

Hi Everyone! Thanks for reading. We've been slacking this week. We didn't have power Sunday - Tuesday night. Fun stuff! I'm home with the boys this morning and then we're heading out to buy the 5 million presents that we need for this weekend. haha Emily is at work but may meet up with us later.

I just wanted to fill you in our doctor appointments from last week. Thursday, I took Carson for his 6 month visit to our pediatric neurologist. The nurse practitioner that we meet with was very impressed with his progress. His language is really improving. She assured me that he does not have autism, a couple traits but not enough. I asked her if we should call it an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and she said that since the spectrum is so huge, he could fall somewhere on it but to not even use ASD when talking with the school because they will want to change his classification and she doesn't feel that would be appropriate. In her opinion, the proper thing to say when referring to Carson's challenges is that he has developmental delays, both expressive and receptive language as well as some fine motor delays. She said that many children have developmental delays but are not autistic. She says that she can't say exactly what things we are doing to help him are working but she believes that it is a combination of everything (diet, therapy, supplements, vitamins, etc.) and recommends that we keep doing what we're doing. I felt ecstatic leaving that appointment. We go back in six months.

Friday, it was off to Ann Arbor to see the DAN doctor for our one month follow-up. Keep in mind, since last month's visit, we've started more vitamins, liquid zinc and magnesium as well as B-12 injections every other day. We were there for about an hour talking with the doctor while he observed Carson's behavior. I'd like to share some of the doctor's notes...."4 year old boy here with parents for follow-up of biomedical therapies for developmental delays. Last seen 5-2-08. Previously significant behavior problems have basically disappeared. He is talking well now. He has been on GFCF diet for six weeks and B12 shots for a month. He is clearly going through some typical toddler testing behavior and is quite persistent. Saw peds neurologist yesterday. Current supplements probiotic, CL, B6Mag, chewable MVI, zinc, mag, CoQ10, B12 qod, Melatonin 3 mg at night. Stool culture negative for yeast. Porphyrins suggestive of mercury. Happy, obstinate. Obviously on battle of wills with parents. Talking alot. Whining at times. Delayed but not autistic. He tantrumed and then gave in and cleaned up the toys and was very proud."

It was a great appointment. Our plan of attack is working! We were so happy! The next step is chelation. I picked up the suppositories today. For three days, we have to put one up his rectum (sorry Carson, one day you'll thank us...hopefully, you don't like things shoved up there...haha) every eight hours. They are supposed to absorb through the anal wall and pull all of the heavy metals in his body into his urine. On day two, we take a urine sample and send it in to see how much was pulled out. Hopefully, this will be another big help. Time will tell.

Cousin Dan went with us to Ann Arbor for Carson's appointment and showed us his new house on U of M's campus that he will be sharing with ten other guys. I've never been there. The campus was beautiful....the house not so much but I never was one for college community living. We laughed a lot. The highlight was when we were walking through campus near the library and one of the students held the door open for Carson to run into the library (aren't U of M students supposed to be smart?). Carson ran through hysterically laughing and went on one side of the bookcases and kept looking at me laughing down each aisle since I was on the other end and could not catch him. There were tons of students studying so I'm sure they loved all of the noise. Finally, Dan came in the other side and caught him. He's quite a character!


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I am so glad to hear all of the good news!!!!!


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Wow!!!! What great news!!!!!