Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a week so far!

I hope that each of you had a good week. Ours has been crazy so far! Emily was very busy at work putting together presentations and meeting with department heads. It's funny how she's been working this way (as a department head and basically her whole department since her previous boss left) for nearly nine months now but has not received any type of pay increase. I feel bad for her. She works so hard and is obviously unappreciated. If nothing changes by the end of August, we're going to do whatever it takes to allow her to leave and stay home with the boys. It's one thing to be a working mom but it's a different story when you're being taken advantage of and more than half of your income pays for child care. You get to the point where it becomes silly to stay.

It's nuts at my job as well. Thursday was like an episode of Survivor (and I thought I just watched the season finale.) All day long people (indirects) were being called in and losing their positions. There were at least 20. Thankfully, some people who had come from other positions such as production, have an option to go back to that position. The automotive market is so bad right now, I think that it was expected but it was a gloomy day at work. I'm very grateful to still have my job.

Yesterday continued the craziness. As I said, the boys and I went shopping with my mom to get some of the gifts that we need for the upcoming weeks. We ended up at Somerset and Emily met us late in the afternoon. The nice lady at Gymboree was letting Carson blow bubbles in the store as we looked for a gift. Carson had to be at therapy at 4:00 so we were pressed for time. The time came to leave and of course, Carson had a meltdown. He had been great all day but it was a long day and I was ready to have a meltdown of my own. We had to get on the elevator but there wasn't enough room for all of us so Em got on with Carson because she was in a hurry and my mom, Fin and I waited for the other side. Carson was yelling and crying and apparently some rude grandma who was on the elevator with her daughter and grandbaby said to her daughter "How long did it take you to get the baby to sleep?" because apparently, Carson woke up the baby so Emily fired back with "My son has Autism and it's not always easy!" as she got out of the elevator. Go Emily! Thankfully, I wasn't there. I'm just picturing the grandma because the people shopping at Somerset are hilarious. My mom and I were cracking up all day because some of them go shopping in evening gowns. It's like a Hollywood fashion show. Come on people, you're in the midwest! Emily cracks me took me back to last year when two twenty-something snobby girls were staring as Carson had another meltdown and gave him a dirty look. That time Emily followed up with an "F - U!" I love Emily!

We're now moving in to what will be one of the craziest busy weekends in our summer. Emily is about to leave for Tom and Niki's (Em's brother and his fiancee) bridal shower, which will last for a few hours so the boys and I will get a head start on her this afternoon as we head out to Brooke's (our niece) first birthday party, where she will meet us for a few hours and then we'll rush home to get ready for Cousin Dan's 21st b-day bash. We'll be heading out on a limo bus to three different bars. Our day started at 6:00 a.m. and will probably end about 3:00 a.m. Nice 21 hour day! As if that isn't crazy enough, we also have Adrian's (our nephew) b-day party combined with Father's Day at Amiee and Ron's (Em's sister and bro-in-law) tomorrow. Today is also Uncle Roger's b-day and tomorrow is Grandpa Dennis'. Thankfully, we'll be with them later today and tonight to celebrate. It's all fun stuff but just too much at once for me....BAH Humbug! I need some rest!

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