Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a day, What a day!

Hi Everyone! Sorry to have made you wait a whole week for another blog. I'm sure that you are on the edge of your chairs waiting to hear about our interesting life - haha!

It was another crazy week. We started Chelation on Carson. Our Dr. uses the rectal method, which is a blast. Tuesday - Thursday every eight hours, we got to shove a suppository up where my finger should not be. The point of this is to pull the heavy metals out of his body and into his urine so he also had a sticky-topped plastic bag attached to his poor weenie to catch the urine since we're still in diapers. One of our goals for ths summer is potty-training....hmmm seems like I've said that before. Oh well, the urine will be sent in and we'll see how many of the heavy metals were pulled out. We get to repeat this in two weeks and then in another two weeks after that. See what we have to look forward to. Our new sitter, Laura (a friend of our future sister-in-law Niki) started this week. The boys loved her so that went well. She's splitting the week with Nonna for the summer. She's a kindergarten teacher, which is great, because she'll get to work with Carson on some of his skills as well.

The week flew by as usual because there were a million things going on. Emily went to a gold party Monday night and made us a little fast cash, which was nice. Thursday, we had a dinner with a colleague of mine so the boys stayed the night at Granny and Pa's, which was a treat for Mommy and Daddy to have an adult dinner. Friday, we headed to therapy after work and then to Nonna and Papa Tom's for a bbq. Carson and Griffin had a blast in the sprinkler with Adrian and Luca.

Today is when it all went down hill. We started out at Em's company picnic. The first half hour was okay until Carson spotted the band and then we had the same problem as we did at Cousin Josh's graduation party. Carson thinks that every band is like the Wiggles and that he can play their instruments. Next thing I of the band members kindly let Carson play the drums. Cute but the transitioning problem is definitely one of Carson's autistic traits. Transitions do not go well. Em explained to the band member that Carson was on the spectrum, thus the fit. The guy was very understanding as his son has Aspergers, which is also on the spectrum. It's so refreshing when you meet someone who actually feels your pain and understands your situation. We tried going to see Mommy and Uncle Ron's offices as Carson screamed "Carson play the drums" over and over again. Shortly thereafter, I had to leave with Carson. One event down, two more to go today. I had an appointment so I took him with me. All the way there and back....I heard "Go to another party...Carson play the drums." Oh my God! I was like "Shoot me now!" We came home in time to change his clothes and head out to Cousin Amira's Open House. Well, let's just say we're two for two today. I had to leave with the boys after one hour. They had a bounce house, slides, etc. but what does my son want to do? Play in the neighbors driveway in some broken down play house in the pooring rain. Carson has to be the most persistent child I've ever seen. I have to was some of his worst behavior in a long time....I have to keep telling myself that he doesn't understand everything like he should....stay clam Jay...stay calm before your head explodes. I've come to realize that there is not one single thing that we do or one single family event that is relaxing for us. Please someone...tell me this too will pass. Of course, the second we left the party, he fell asleep in the car. We only had a ten minute ride so I took a little pleasure in waking Sleeping Beauty up. A nap at 6:00 p.m.....I think not. The boys are staying at Granny and Pa's tonight while we attend our friend Eric's birthday! I'm exhausted but boy do I need a drink! I'm hoping for a second wind here soon. I'll have to keep it to a minimum though since Emily has our friend Margie's baby shower tomorrow so I'm on my own with the boys.....I certainly don't need a hangover for that or it will be a long day! Take Care! Thanks for listening to me vent!


Anonymous said...

So many of my prayers have been answered when it comes to Carson. I remind myself that less than one year ago he would not look at me or call my name - look at all the progress. Keep the faith, we love you so much....Nonna

Amiee said...

Oh Jay. You are the most patient person I have ever known and such a wonderful father. You are right, this too shall pass. Keep focusing on the positive. Carson has come so far in such a short amount of time. Mom is right, a year ago he didn't know my name nor would he have any interaction with anyone. He is blossoming and it is through all of you hard work, love, and PATIENCE that he had been able to do so.