Monday, June 2, 2008

Cute pictures from a bad idea!

Have any of you moms out there had some big ideas of a fun day out with your family only to have your idea turn to crap. Well, that is what this entry is all about.

Monday of Memorial Day weekend, I decided that it would be tons of fun to take the whole family to the nursery to get some flowers to plant. I have two large planters and wanted a hanging basket as well. I also had my heart set on Carson and I picking out and planting a pot just for him.

Suffice it to say that, yes we had fun all weekend but by Monday, both my kids were sick. They both had some weird allergy thing. Carson had a rash all over his face, either from rubbing the snot all over or the new sunscreen I tried.

Jay was just going along with this plan to make me happy. He was the last person who wanted to plant flowers. He wanted to spend his day watching shows on the DVR, and finishing up a few odd jobs around the house.

I talked him into it and we were off. First stop, the nursery by the side of the road on 26 mile. I wanted to go here first as I did not want to spend too much money. The selection was crappy but the real fun started by trying to keep Carson from running on to 26 mile road. The fun continued as Griffin fussed in the stroller and Carson became obsessed with the watering of the flowers and decided that that was all he wanted to do. I had the fun task of trying to find blue flowers (the only color Carson wanted to plant. Yes, I had asked him and had this coming).

An adorable pic of walking into the nursery. Carson even had his watering can with him. I failed to mention that it was almost 80 degrees out and I dressed my sick kids as if it were cold. I am sure that made them feel better.

Does this face look like he feels well? No, not too much. I ignored this as a sign. I saw my vision of a fun family day picking out flowers and darn it, I was going to make it happen. From now on, I will heed the warnings.

This is Jay, just as thrilled to be there as the kids. He just dragged that empty thing around following me saying things like "just buy something", "I don't want to go to Weigands", and "they all look the same".

They look a bit happy, but let me tell you, they were NOT.

We never found anything at the place on 26 mile. We did end up going to Weigands. I picked out some purple and yellow arrangements and got some soil too. Carson was obsessed with the fountains and fish so, that kept him busy. Jay was on board at this point as he knows I am just trying to make memories. We loaded up the car and headed home. I realized after our purchase that I bought De La Salle themed flowers for my house. I am expecting someone to come over with a flag for me at any time.

Once again, Carson cared for nothing else except the hose and watering the flowers. Griffin was trying to get in on that action too.

Still not looking like he feels well but I have since removed his hat and sweatshirt and I am sure his body temp dropped allowing him a few minutes of fun to water the flowers.

Do you even have to wonder? Carson had a great time drenching Fin with the hose. Poor Fin. There will be a day when he can fight back. We had to forgo the camera at that point as we did not want that wet too.

All in all, it ended up okay. Jay moved the pots and I did all the work. I sometimes, wonder why I think of all these things that just end up making more work for myself. Oh yeah, I want to make memories. I think we did. Even in the craziness, we still have fun!


Anonymous said...

Fun day with the family is never a bad idea...just complicated. Never give up....Nonna

cindy said...

Just got caught up on all the entries. I sometimes forget to get on the computer. It is always a delight to read all your wonderful stories. You both have a real story telling talent. I love the pictures of the boys - they always make me laugh. Keep it up - it helps me stay in touch!
Love you all