Sunday, June 22, 2008

A little refreshed from yesterday

Hi Again!

Wow, it's amazing how a fun night out can change your mood. Emily and I had such a great time last night. We were just at a little hole in the wall bar but the music was great and it was so nice to see our friends. I was listening to music and no one was asking me to play the weird! Eric and Lisa have been friends of mine since junior high....about 20 years now. It was nice to be out celebrating Eric's birthday with them. My cousin Dan went with us and we had a blast as usual with him. It's so weird being at a bar with him drinking now (since he just turned 21) but it's so great to have such a close friendship with him. Emily and I both love him so much. He cracks us up. My cousin Paul was also there and it was great to see him too. I feel so old with my little cousins at the bar.

Both Emily and I were so exhausted before we went that we were like, "are we really gonna do this?" The plan was to head up to Granny and Papa's about 8:30 so both boys would fall asleep but of course that didn't work out. Once we got there, Em laid down with Fin in their bed and both of them fell asleep. I had to wake Em up to go out. Too funny! I guess Carson wound down after we left and fell asleep. I'm so glad we went. The best part of the night was just being connected to Em. It was like when we were dating for a few hours. We drank and laughed and danced and yes....made out on the dance floor. Fun stuff! Our life has become such a routine and so focused on the boys and getting Carson better that sometimes we lose touch of each other. It's nice to enjoy each other and realize how much we're still in love. We talked about it this morning on the way home. It was very nice. It's such a gift to be married to your best friend.

I've also enjoyed the boys so much today. Emily is at a baby shower and the boys and I are home....don't have to go anywhere or see anyone or chase them favorite kind of day! We laid around and watched cartoons all day (in between the million loads of laundry.) Griffin is down for his nap and I just saw that Carson has fallen asleep in our bed. Emily is on her way home so I think that we'll join them for a nap! Heaven!

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Anonymous said...

My heart went out to you guys while watching you wrestle with Carson during his meltdown at the picnic and then Jay only getting to say a quick hello and having to leave early - because we do understand it's all over once his fixations get escalated to that point. Stress!
I'm so glad to hear you guys had a fun night out! You definitely deserve/earned/needed that!
Love you both! Hopefully we can make it out next time! ~Dar & Mike