Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You feel better now

Carson has a little phrase that he says when he wants his way and we say "no". He thinks that if a few minutes later he says "you feel better now!" he will then get his way or what he wants.

It is actually, very adorable and one of Jay and my favorite things he says. He also says it when we are playing chase and we need a break (because we are old and out of shape).

I mention this today because for the past few days, I have had the blues. We all get them from time to time. I know that in the big picture, what our life involves is small potatoes to the trials of others, but I get blue occasionally nonetheless.

Work is crazy and I am getting really burnt out. I want nothing more than to be home with my kids enjoying them instead of working my tail off to come home tired and stress about the next day. Some of you know about the events at my job and although, I am flattered by the projects I have been given, I have been waiting for almost a year to have my salary match. Top it off with Jay being in the same situation and you have two parents that are overworked and spreading thin.

Our life is wonderful. We have a huge family and many friends. We are so truly blessed. I feel guilty when I get these blues because I know all that.

I just feel so rushed all the time. I just feel such a constant state of anxiety all the time. Yeah, I know there are meds for that :)

I guess what I wanted to say is thank you to all of those that help make our lives more wonderful. I realize that without this wonderful circle of family and friends our life would be that much more overwhelming. You may not know it but you all do make a difference.

When I think of you - I do feel better now!


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We have you to thank for the great joy you and your little ones bring to our lives. We are only a phone call away -