Monday, July 7, 2008

Carson's last day of school

This is a picture from Carson's last day at school. I just love it. He was so excited for Jay and I to be there. He was showing us around and holding our hands as we walked.

This is Carson and some of his school friends. This little girl, Aubrey was one of his best friends. She is adorable and a total sweetheart. Jay and I were cracking up at this pic - it looks like he is showing her his rock hard abs to impress her. She just adored Carson so, I think she was impressed.

This is a pic of Carson's teachers. The woman on the left is Mrs. B. She was the teachers aide. Mrs. W is the head teacher and she is holding Carson in the picture. He still talks about them even today.
Carson will be attending the ECDD program again next year. He will more than likely go to the same school and have the same teacher. Mrs. W is suppose to retire (big bummer) so he will have a new teacher aide. I know that he is already looking forward to it!

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