Saturday, July 19, 2008

Small Miracles

Hi Again! I haven't been on in a couple of weeks and now my third post of the day! I can't believe that I am sitting here writing a blog. Emily and Amiee are at Niki's bachelorette party tonight and Ron is up north fishing so I have Carson, Griffin, Adrian and Luca for the night. I was anticipating a little chaos so this is my first small miracle. Griffin laid down without a fuss at 8:00 and was down for the night. As I came downstairs from putting him in his crib, I see that Carson has passed out in the chair watching Toy Story still holding his propel bottle. Luca sees that Carson is sleeping in the chair and wants to go sit with him. I told him to go ahead but just be careful not to wake him. I see Luca's eyes getting heavy. He moves to the floor and is out by 8:30. Papa Tom and Uncle Tommy stopped by about 8:40 to see if I needed help needed 3 out of 4 down. Adrian and I turned off the movie...started watching the Disney Channel, ate popcorn and he was out by 9:15. This is crazy....but very peaceful and relaxing. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they all sleep through the night and do not wake up when Emily comes stumbling in at 3:00 AM...haha!

That was my funny miracle but just last night and all day today, a real miracle is happening. It's like Carson is really coming to's hard to explain. Last night, we had Papa Tom's and Aunt Niki's b-day celebration here. I've never heard Carson talk so much or be so social. He had hugs and kisses for everyone, was asking questions and interacting all night. This continued all day today. Emily and I are floored. He talked to us all day today, asked questions, answered questions....I'm talking like a real full blown conversation. Our son is getting better. My eyes are welling up as I am writing this post because I can't believe it. As Adrian would say..."cry happy!" I feel like God is answering all of our prayers. It's been such a long road and I know that it is still much longer but days like yesterday and today make it all worth it. It fills my heart with such joy!

Thank you so much to all of you who read this blog and are so supportive to us and our children. I can't imagine going through this without you. Emily and I are so blessed to such wonderful families and friends. A big thank you to our parents who all help out in their own way, whether it's taking him to therapy, having our house clean and laundry done when we get home from work, buying him special food for your houses and for our house, watching the boys overnight so we can have some fun on occasion, or helping us out financially when you have extra funds. All these things may seem little to you but they mean the world to us. More than anything just loving our boys unconditionally is the greatest gift of all. There are others too who deserve special mention...Aunt Carol for all of the talks and encouragement and babysitting when we were in a bind. She, as well as our friend Becky who both understand first hand how it feels to have a child with special needs and are always supportive. Thank you to all of our siblings for understanding how important this GFCF diet is for Carson and for being so kind as to not let your kids have things while Carson is around that he can't have. It means more than you know. Thank also to our friend Darci who always sends such nice emails saying how lucky Carson is to have Emily and I and constantly encouraging us to keep doing what we're doing. I really feel like we're on the right track. We love and appreciate all of you who support us! Without you, this would be a very lonely battle.


Anonymous said...

How sweet...*sniff sniff*
You guys are on the right track! Keep up the laughter! ~Dar

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that. I had a really rough week myself and I needed a little insight. You guys are great parents. You know I'm here whenever you need a cookie, drink or a cigarette!!ha ha!!
Love you guys!