Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Thanks for listening to my little rant the other day regarding sleep or lack there of. I appreciate your support and know that this too shall pass. Just be patient with me if I am a little off. I don't quite feel like myself.

My good friend Darci. Or as Carson calls her Ditsy - Hi Dar! reads our blog faithfully. She commented the other day that it seems like we are way up one day and then back down the other. My reply was - yeah, you feel that too?

All in all, things are good. Carson will be starting a new three week intensive therapy program in a few weeks. He had his evaluation with the OT this past week and she is very optimistic that we can make some great strides. She is even going to help us work on getting Carson to eat more food and a better variety of food. That would be wonderful and very helpful too. His diet is so strict that it is tough to come up with things for him to eat when he just does not like most food anyway. No worries, he is not too thin or malnurished. I just want him to have a balanced diet.

A few funnies from this morning -


Boys are up 0600 and we are hanging out in the family room before I get in the shower. It was starting to thunder.

Carson - Mama, I think it is going to rain.

Me - Oh, yes. I think you are right.

Carson - Can you hear the tunder monter (thunder monster)?

Me - Don't be silly there is no thunder monster.

A few minutes later he comes running out of my bedroom totally naked. I grab some clean clothes and help him get dressed. While this is happening he says:

Carson - see my tail mommy?

Me - Yes, I see your tail.

You can only imagine what he was referring to. I am all for the right names of body parts but at 0600 and with this sleep deprivation, I did not have it in me for an anatomy lesson.


I talk alot about Carson on this blog but I have to fill you in on Griffin.

My sweet, angelic, snuggle baby. He is getting quite the temper and is asserting his independance. I cannot do anything for him. He has to do it all himself. He is so smart and is talking so much. Jay and I are amazed daily just how much vocabulary he has (remember we are not use to that).

The boys actually fight. No, not fist fight but it could get to that if I let it. I cannot believe that we already have a brother dynamic in our house. They ADORE one another and love on eachother all the time but wow, they can also get pretty mad at one another. Griffn is always taking Carson's things and Carson always wants Griffin to be a baby animal that needs rescuing. It is all very funny and cute until one, the other or both are screaming.


In just over a week we have my brother's wedding. I can't wait. All of us are standing up and I am so excited to be part of it and have my kiddos walk down the isle. I do have some stress about it too but know that no matter what they do, they are kids and people will think it is cute. Marianne will be there to help out just in case one, the other or both do not feel like keeping quite for the ceremony. The good news is that, Tom and Niki are both so easygoing they don't seem worried about it at all. Adrian and Fin are goign to walk down together. Carson and Luca are going to follow. I think Adrian and Fin will do great. Griffin loves Adrian and would do whatever he asks. Luca and Carson might be the wild entertainment. We will see. Aunt Carol will be babysitting that night for us so that Jay and I can relax and enjoy the wedding. The boys will be leaving before dinner.

This weekend we have some fun plans - Saturday is a big BBQ at Granny and Pa's for the Thomas family. They have rented a bounce house and purchased one of those big pool/slide things. Sunday - we have an adult day on the boat (just Jay and I, Tommy, Niki and Ron and Amiee). We try to plan this once per year. It is wonderful and we always have a fun time laughing.

Not much else to report. I will post some updated pics soon. Love you all - E

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