Monday, July 14, 2008

My lines, my lines, I can't remember my lines!

When I was a kid, my sister and I would sing the Detroit Zoo song. Do you know the one I am talking about? 'My make-up! My make-up' - 'Hey this place is a zoo!'. We loved that song. I wish that commercial would come back.

This is a bit out of order from our July 4th weekend but on Monday Jay and I took the boys to the Detroit Zoo. Carson had not been in over a year and this was Fin's first trip. I found myself singing the song as I looked at the beautiful fountain.

When Jay and I asked Carson what animal he wanted to see the most - his reply - The Elephants! Good to know that the Detroit Zoo no longer has elephants! We still had a good time. Enjoy the pics!

Going in to see the Polar Bears. It was a really hot day and we did not see much of the Polar Bears but did get to see some seals. Carson did not care. He was too busy enjoying the giant Slurpee we allowed him to get. (Hey, when you kid can't eat much of what any other 4 year old can, you let go once in a while and let them load up on sugar!) His reaction to that Slurpee was totally worth it.

Both boys really enjoyed watching the fish. They also really liked the penguins. We actually managed to time our trip to the penguins with feeding time so, we got an extra good show.

This was while waiting to go into the butterfly house. Carson was not real impressed with this but I was. It was amazing. I had seen Blue Morpho butterflies while in Costa Rica, but it was very cool to see them up close and personal here in Detroit.

We took the train from the back of the zoo back to the front. Carson and Griffin loved it!

Carson did get a bit tired of walking as we only brought the single stroller and Fin was using it. He did a great job at keeping up and did not complain. Daddy's back might never be the same, but we still had fun.

The play area is really nice. I don't ever remember seeing this the last time I was at the zoo. The day was VERY hot and neither boy had much energy to run around but did play for a little while.

All in all, it was a great day. We took our time and just walked around. The animals were not very active but we still got to see alot. I would consider buying an annual family pass next year. It is really so beautiful and would be a nice way to get some exercise and have some family time all in one.

'I wanna talk to my agent - let me talk to your agent - ha ha ha ha'


Anonymous said...

You are so funny....I remember the song and I would love to see it again. From the darling pictures I can see you had a great time with the boys. I can't rmember the last time I was at the zoo but I remember it was always fun.

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