Monday, July 21, 2008

Short notes:

For the past 48 hours Carson has referred to me at "Mommy Piggy". I am beginning to get a complex!


Carson pooped yesterday and let me know by saying "Mommy, I got poop and it smells good"! I can assure it you did NOT.


We had Niki's bachelorette party this past Saturday. It was great fun and most importantly, I think Niki had a good time. The limo dropped me off after 330 and within 20 minutes Carson was up (for the DAY). He was very happy to see me and I was happy to see him too but - I credit Carson for the bags under my eyes. I am still exhausted.


One of Carson's nanny's (Lora or as Carson calls her LorLa) plays with him on the computer during the day. She is a teacher by trade and has the best ideas and does the best things with the boys. One of the computer games they play is for the alphabet. Carson knows all his letters (uppercase and lower) and all the sounds. From all this practice, Fin is also learning his letters. It cracks me up to hear Fin say - Ahhh when he sees the letter A. Too funny. We love LorLa and will be sad when she goes back to work in the upcoming school year. Those are some very lucky kids!


Jay has Tommy's bachelor party coming up this next weekend. Jay's job is the menu. The guys are going golfing, back to Tom's place for a BBQ, and then club/bar hopping that night. I will be cooking some food for the boys. I would love to see and listen to he and Leo go shopping for food at Costco on Thursday night. Jay said that he thought it was fitting that he help with the one thing he is good at - eating. Since he does not golf (is still going to try this weekend) and we don't do the bar thing much anymore, he thought the menu was the best fit. Too funny!


Jay was cracking me up yesterday because he wanted to run to the mall and get some new clothes. He picked up some manicure kit from some girl and was all excited about how nice his nails looked. I asked him if is she noticed the wedding band as I am sure she was more interested in him than he was the nail products. He said she had but he let her "play" anyway. Good Gracious! Hey - I guess we all still like to know we still got it!


Journey To Eden said...

Too funny! Carson stories always make me smile!

I am sooo glad Jay had it easy on Saturday night. I have to admit I was nervous for him. Four boys is a lot! I know how crazy they can get. I guess since Jay is so good, Em and I should go out more often!

Anonymous said...

"Mama Piggy"? I sure he means this in a very sweet way. It reminds me and I have such sweet memories of "Big Mama".

I will have to check out Jay's hands next time I see him. Jay will also have to try the 4 boys at their best, 1:00 PM when they are most active.