Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas it wasn't really 12 but close. As you saw in an earlier post, Christmas started on the 20th for us at Granny and Pa's with the Bolone Family. A few days later on the 23rd, we celebrated with Uncle Brian, Aunt Kristie, Blake and Brooke at Granny and Pa's again. We were treated to an awesome dinner of filet, crab legs, shrimp, etc. - our annual treat. We usually spend the night but Griffin didn't cooperate this year so instead of fighting him to go to sleep, we just headed out because we didn't want to head into Christmas Eve already tired.

We had a great time!

Griffin, Blake, Brooke, and Carson

Blake and Carson

I think that we hear Santa....

Carson loved Santa!

Griffin wasn't too sure.....

Carson loved his presents...

On Christmas Eve, we moved on the annual Facciolla Christmas Eve event with a twist. This year, Joe and Wendy hosted and it was great. It started earlier and we wore pajamas - two more pluses. We had a great time....great food and the kids were well behaved. It was the first time that we ever made it through the event with Carson. It was wonderful!

Emily and Caitlin

Sophia with Santa

Nonna and Wendy (the hostess)

Aunt Amiee, Nonna, Aunt Niki, and Em

Cousin Alli with Carson

The kids waiting for Santa gifts

Emily made tutus for Ava and Maria. They loved them.

Griffin and Papa Tom

Uncle Ron, Aunt Niki, Fin and I

Fin and his Uncles Ron and Tommy

Em with her cousins Audrey and Rachel

We then moved on to Christmas morning!

Our tree....Santa came!

Carson got roller skates!

Griffin loved his musical instruments....

They were very interested in each other's gifts....

Christmas night, we headed to Nonna and Papa Tom's for another delicious dinner and some great family time.....chicken, twice baked potatoes, asparagus, etc. - all delicious!

Aunt Amiee and Fin

Luca modeling Eden's tutu...he'll hate us one day for this but I LOVE this pic!

Papa loved his "Girls Next Door" calendar....

Emily made Nonna and Papa Tom a calendar from the boys again and they loved it.

By the end of the night, the kids were beat....

Carson fell asleep before we were even done with presents so we had to take some home for him to open the next morning. He loved them...

He wears his frog boots everywhere....

Overall, we had a very Merry Christmas. I'd have to say this was our best Christmas since the boys have been born. It sounds weird, I know...with the state of the economy, losing jobs, making less money, etc. but everyone is in the same boat...we all toned down the gifts a little this year (still not enough...but better.) The gatherings weren't filled with hours of gift opening but instead filled with laughter and fun time visiting with family. I really felt that we were a little closer to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas this year and I loved it.
The best part of this Christmas was the fact that our Carson is getting better. He was so excited and understood everything that was going on. He is pure joy! Griffin is the easiest and funniest child ever. We are truly blessed with our boys...hopefully by next Christmas, we'll have a third to add to our happy little family.
It's been so nice having this week to chill out and just hang at home without all of the hustle and bustle of running around everyday. I actually think Griffin might be starting to like me!
Hopefully, you all had a wonderful Christmas too! Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I understanding about feeling the true Christmas spirit this year...So happy to see my little boys enjoying their gifts - they are my best gift each year. Pictures are great - thanks for the blog.....Nonna

Tencza Family said...

Those tutu's are awesome! Em-you'll have to make me one for my photography! They would look awesome in pictures! You really want a third??? You are crazy! Sometimes I debate a second! Happy New Year!

Tencza Family said...

Sounds like a good deal Em! I'll have to get you out here to do some complimentary pictures. I would love to use your boys for models! They are so handsome! I think I'll take a red one!