Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our first family picture!

Hi Everyone!

Well, after almost 20 months, we were finally able to get our first professional family picture done since Griffin's birth.

After a lot of threats, sweating, and frustration, here is the end product. This was at the end of the shoot after we got a good one of the boys for our Christmas card. It was not a fun time but well worth it since we got a good one.

I e-mailed this to most of you today. Thank you to all of you who sent back such nice comments.

Happy Holidays!

Oh and by the way, is anyone reading this blog anymore? Come on people....I like getting some comments once in a while!


Anonymous said...

Yes I am still reading the blog! Great pics by the way!


Heather said...

I'm always reading...sorry I need to do better on my commenting. :)
You guys look great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily...It is Elaine...We met at Darci's...I am still reading. I love the picture! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Anonymous said...

I see you almost every day but I still look forward to reading your blog. Such a beautiful family...God Bless...Nonna

Tencza Family said...

Picture perfect!!