Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Wish Came True This Christmas!

To say that Carson amazes me is an understatement. He's done a 180 in the last few months. It's like I have a new son. My prayers have been answered and I couldn't have asked for anything more this son is getting better. I took him to Crittenton this morning (while Em stayed home with Fin) to get his bloodwork done because we are on day three of his second round of chelation and the doctor wanted more bloodwork to test for food allergies and some vaccine issues. We were there an hour and a half before we were actually seen (of course!) He couldn't have been more patient. We looked at the fish, waited in the waiting room, had full blown conversations, I repeat HAD FULL BLOWN CONVERSATIONS!, he talked to all the nurses passing by, etc. Once in the registration room, the lady asked me his name...he went on to say C A R S O N. He them told her his full name and that he was four. I'm in awe. Yes most four year olds can do this I know...but this is big stuff for my little man. We then went down to the lab and waited some more...of course. There were two nurses once we went in to draw his blood (8 viles.) He jumped right in the chair, held his arm out, let them poke him and watched the blood squirt into the viles...the whole time talking to me and the nurses...never flinched, never cried, never yelled.....perfect angel. It was like being there with a perfect four year old child...even better because most four year olds would scream from a needle, I think! He and I then went to lunch at Penn Station. We had fries and "brown" pop together. Again, perfect angel. I've waited so long for this. We had full conversations at lunch too. He told me multiple times that he loved me. He fills my heart with so much joy! I can't wait until Christmas morning!

On a lighter note, Em and I went to his Christmas program at school on Wednesday. Here's a clip. He didn't follow along with the songs too well but he's such a ham.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making my day! Yes, it is a blessing how well he's doing. I'm so happy you had a great day with your little boy!!!!!

Loved the video - he is so cute and funny.....Nonna

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - all that cuteness!

Anonymous said...

I had tears!(That's normal though) Thanks for sharing the story.