Monday, December 8, 2008

Brotherly Love and Green Faces

Again - two posts in one day. Please read the post after this one if you are interested and have the time.

Carson came home from therapy tonight and was eating dinner on the living room floor. Griffin walked up to him and started hugging him from behind. Carson got irritated and was trying to get Fin off of him. I told him that Griffin was being so nice and that - he loved him.

Carson's reply - NO! I NOT LOVE!!

I don't know why but most of their loving interaction results in one of the other getting ticked off and someone crying and yelling.

I guess that is their brotherly love!


Today was another stellar day in the Krawczyk household.

Carson came home with a Green FACE (second one of the year - yes, I keep track)! I about died when the bus driver told me that it was a green day. We celebrated and I cheered. It was all quite fun. We called Daddy, we told Nonna and papa Tom, and we hugged and hugged. I was so proud of him and he was so proud of himself.

Later tonight when I was cleaning out his bag, I noticed a letter in the bottom that I had not seen earlier.

It read that his regular teacher is out on an early maternity leave and it is the new teacher introducing herself. GREAT!

Jay and I looked at one another and thought - maybe he got a free Green today! I will have to call her and talk to her about how we really rate his behavior.

Don't get me wrong, I am not doubting his ability to get a green face but this morning was very rough and I am just very surprised he got a new teacher and a green face on the same day. What is she? A miracle worker?

Jay and I also try to keep a sense of humor about these things - Poor girl...she does not know what she got herself into!


Anonymous said...

I am sure he earned his green face!


Anonymous said...

Go green! Congrats! ~Dar

cindy said...

Em & Jay
I try to leave comments, but am not always successful. Great to hear about Carson's progress. I could tell the last time we saw him how much he had improved. Doesn't matter, we will love him no matter what! I understand your frustration at taking pictures. we must have tried a 100 times to get the girls to pose. Lilly finally said - "No pictures and Madeline cried! Caitlin just sat there. Loved your pics.