Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow Day!

Christmas post below this one. Two posts in one day. Gotta get them out before the rest of the celebrations begin!


This past Thursday night we got hit with a big snowstorm. Since most of you live near us you already know this. (I added that for the very small chance we have a reader that lives somewhere else).

Carson woke me up yelling - "Snow Day". All this meant was that he did not have school which was perfectly okay with him. Jay has the next 17 days off of work and this is how we started our holiday fun.

Carson and his sled. We have not hit any of the big hills yet but we do have a small baby hill right next to our house so, we started out with that one. He loved it and everyone had a good laugh at me as I accidentally fell and slid on my bum down the hill.

Fin did not like the snow at all!

Carson making a snow angle. Me looking like a male school crossing guard. (I swear you could spot that jacket a mile away.)

Fin and I - me still looking like a man but it was too cold to worry about beauty!

Jay and his boys!

My new favorite pic of Jay and Fin (those lips - I could eat them. On both of them actually!)

He is smiling here because he has yet to touch the snow or get cold.

With all the snow they chose to play on the porch. I have no idea why that was fun to them.

We really did have fun but as for most kids, it took longer to get them ready than they played outside. I don't blame them. It was VERY cold.
I was suppose to have a work meeting earlier in the day and tried to go. I got my car about two houses down and got stuck. Jay came and saved the day. We had a good laugh about it. I am sure I looked like an idiot trying to walk back to my house in a foot of show with jeans and heels on. I am not what you would call a practical dresser!
We hope you enjoyed the snow too and from the looks of things tonight, we will be having a white Christmas.
Love you - E

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