Friday, January 9, 2009

A rough week

Well we've been slacking on the blog ever since we joined Facebook. I'm a little addicted! Sorry!

Carson is having a rough week. 5 RED FACES! Poor Carson and poor teachers! He's been very aggressive and very frustrated. I think that I am partially to blame. His latest bloodwork all came back as him not having any food allergies. We were still very leery to let him have anything off the diet but over the holidays, we decided to let him have a few regular cookies and even a piece of bread. GREAT BIG MISTAKE! I truly believe that we are still feeling the effects of the gluten. Poor guy! I knew it was the wrong thing to do but when I saw those little green eyes wanting some cookies on Christmas Eve and he was being such a good boy....I cracked. It reaffirms to me just how IMPORTANT this diet is. I was surprised at his blood work but I think that any parent would be excited that their kids' allergies were gone and hope that he could eat some regular food....someday, but not yet I guess!

He's out of sorts from being out of a routine for over two weeks too. I think that we all are. It was a rough week for everyone in our household.

I'm looking forward to the 28th for his next Dr. visit to discuss his latest urine and blood results. The urine test is still showing high levels of fungus in his system. I think that we need to go back on the anti-fungals because they take a while to work. The doctor wanted to test his urine to make sure that the anti-fungals aren't hurting his liver. I'm looking forward to discussing our next steps.

I'm also looking forward to next week because the social workers are coming to meet with Em to discuss our action plan for his therapies. He is going to be getting SO much therapy. I can't wait....more OT, speech therapy, behavioral therapy....and on and on. Kudos to Emily for handling this "fire." Due to her persistence, we were able to qualify for this waiver, as it's called and will be able to get these services for free as Carson will be getting state aid. It's amazing. I couldn't be happier. We're doing everything that we can but are tapped out financially so this is a BIG break and I feel very blessed to be getting this help for him. It will do me well to know that we are doing everything in our power to recover him. I get new glimpses everyday of my little boy coming out of this. He is truly an inspiration to me.

His language and conversation is really getting it's the behavior, frustration and aggression piece that needs help. I am amazed at how far he has come though. He works so hard. He is going to be so much stronger from overcoming this. I'm feeling stronger everyday that he is going to be okay and it is a great feeling. Do I still worry about him everyday? ABSOLUTELY but I am not as obsessed as I once was. I have faith that God did this for a reason...I'm still not really happy about it but I accept it and am going to continue to fight with him.

I hope that none of your children or grandchildren ever have to go through this. PLEASE educate yourselves on the danger of vaccines and make wise choices for your children. If your children are not at risk (in daycare, etc.) please wait until their bodies and immune systems are ready before jamming them full of nasty vaccines. I STRONGLY believe this. Just my two cents but it's my there! HAHA!

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are back on the "air"! Always good to hear (and sometimes not so good to hear) about Carson's week. I guess that's life - some good days, some bad days. God is always listening.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for updating!

Tencza Family said...

I would like to know your schedule for vaccinations. When will you start Griffin? Just curious...

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing...I hope that more join your wagon and WAKE UP!