Thursday, January 22, 2009

Half Full

These past few weeks have been very tiring but on Sunday, I got everyone up and we went sledding. I needed to get out of the house and figured that some outside air and exercise would do us all some good. We bundled up and headed to Stony for some hills.

I had so much clothing on Fin he could not move. He was not much into the sledding either. He was happy to watch and hang out with Jay or I as we took Carson down the hills.

First time down - Jay took Carson on his lap. After that Carson did it on his own every time.

So cute. Jay is such a wonderful daddy and very actively involved in what his kids do.

Jay got a pretty good work out too as the snow was deep and ended up carrying Carson the sled and dragging his own body through the snow.

Back up at the top of the hill. It was nice because it was not really busy and Carson did not have to wait for his next turn.

All in all things are going better. Carson has been sleeping through the night for the past three nights. It is amazing what some sleep does to you. We feel like new people and can only assume that Carson does too. The behavior is improving. I have really turned into quite a strict mom but we are not doing him any favors to be as passive as we were. Jay and I totally understand that we are part to blame for some of the issues we have right now. In our defense, when you child is struggling it is very hard to be "hard". We also have never known what he was really "understanding". The behaviorist is very helpful and already we are seeing some improvements.

Things Carson has said to me this past week -

You are not my best friend.
I am mad at you Mommy.
I am sad at you Mommy.
I no love you.

It is hard not to laugh as he is very upset when he says these things but you have to remember that almost a year ago - he had very little language. I am so proud of him that he is learning how to express himself and the language is really just taking off more and more each day. Some days it seems he talks non-stop and we love it.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. The glass is half full and we are plugging along. This sort of thing tends to come in spurts and I know that there is going to be a great outcome soon. I have sort of learned that whenever there is a hard patch - there is a great improvement right around the corner.


On another note - we have so many wonderful things coming up. Our vacation, bday parties, adult get togethers. We also have our 6 year anniversary! Wow. 6 years and I still think he rocks! I am very lucky!

The boys are getting excited to go to Fla and see Grandma, Grandpa and Mickey. Carson has been talking about swimming and going to Mickey park. We were able to book an amazing house though Jay's cousin Beth (Hi Beth!) for the Disney portion of our trip. She has two rental properties in Orlando and they are beautiful. So, to top off our already great trip, we now get to stay in a four bedroom house with our own pool. This trip just keeps getting better and better!

We may seem to vent on here alot but please know we also count our blessings and know that we are so very lucky to have made all the progress we have. I can honestly tell you that Jay and I have learned just as much from this whole experience as Carson has. Just as he works on all this therapies/speech/behavior....Jay and I are learning too.

Love you all and thanks for checking in!


Anonymous said...

It seems the happy blogs are taking over...we are blessed!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that things are looking up!