Monday, August 25, 2008

Week in Review

Just a quick update on last week's Dr. visit. We made the hike to Ann Arbor again to the DAN Doctor. It's always a fun trip! It turned into a 7 hour ordeal. The appointment went better than last time. A new nurse was there and when she came to the waiting room to get us, Carson said "What a pretty doctor, I need a check-up." He was really good for the nurse but when the doctor came in, he was a little out of control. Nothing really new....a little Autism, a little ODD, a little ADHD. We got a new Rx to help him sleep and calm him down so we're trying that. It's definitely helping with the sleeping. We went to the park afterwards to kill some time before we went to see Cousin Dan's new and improved room at U of M. We went out to dinner with Dan and Josh...Carson was very active to say the stuff! We love going out to dinner....haha! He has a new noise that he is making a lot. He sucks in air and it sounds like he is choking. He thinks he's a chicken. He did it multiple times in Applebees, which made for a fun night.

Friday, we took the day off to have fun with the boys at Splash Village in Frankenmuth....packed up drove up there, got in the waterpark...Griffin cried instantly and the whole time we were there. Carson and I went down one slide and then he was scared and only wanted to sit in the hot tub so we were there about 20 minutes and were thankfully able to get our money refunded. I wasn't about to pay $75.00 to sit in the hot tub. Thankfully, they understood our situation and gave us a refund so off we went to Birch Run to try to get Carson some school clothes...Birch Run, really? I took the day off and ended up at Birch Run...Luckily, Carson threw a fit in the Gap so Birch Run only lasted about 15 minutes and we were on our way home so there went a wasted vacation day, a wasted tank of gas and more frustration. Thankfully, Friday night was our date night with Amiee and Ron. We went to have some desperately needed drinks before the movie to help make it funnier....we had a blast, went and saw Stepbrothers and then went to PF Changs for refreshing!

Saturday, we had Stacy and Ron's wedding. It was beautiful. It was at Meadowbrook and everything was top of the line....however, it was 90 plus degrees with tons of humidity and the ceremony and reception were outside....yes, I was a sweaty mess after the first five minutes.

Sunday, we got to meet Margie and Marty's new arrival - Andrew Richard. He is very cute. Cousins Rachel and Dennis also have a new arrival - Katelyn Teresa. She's beautiful! We hope to meet her this weekend!

Carson had his first day of intense therapy today - day 1 of 15! He did really well. Pray for big results. He's working so hard! I hope that all of his hard work pays off for him.

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

My prayers are with Carson always. Keep thinking good things...believe in your heart that God has a plan and it will be what you ask for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by the hospital and visiting and for the great flowers and gifts! It was great to see you!