Saturday, August 30, 2008

Boating Fun!

Hi Everyone! Still playing catch up from a couple of weeks ago. Of all days, our memory on our camera became full on Tommy and Niki's wedding day so we had to get a lot of pics from Amiee and Ron and Mom and Dad. However, we can't figure out how to save Amiee's because of the format Apple sends them we're still planning on doing a post on Tommy and Niki's wedding. The weekend after the wedding, we took Carson on the boat with Amiee, Ron and the boys. It was his first time this year. He had a blast. It was his first time ever tubing. He went on with Aunt Amiee first and then with Adrian. He loved it until he and Adrian fell off when we stopped and he went to the "bottom of the sea." He's been talking about it and about going on the boat ever since, which is HUGE for him because we usually don't have much recall. Griffin stayed home with Granny but this weekend, we're going to take them both out. When Carson asks about the boat, we ask him if he wants to go tubing. He now says "Stay on the boat with Mommy." Too funny!

Carson and Adrian tubing

Tubing with Aunt Amiee

Luca giving Adrian the thumbs up

Uncle Ron taking the boys up to the beach

Carson trying to lick the water

Aunt Amiee and sleepy Luca

Mommy and her boy

Adrian and Uncle Ron

Carson having a blast

The best picture we could get of all three of the boys (as many of you know, Carson and Luca don't sit still much...haha!)

It was a great day! Everyone had fun. We're looking forward to going again. Thanks for reading!


Journey To Eden said...

You just had to get my glow in the dark white butt on your website. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and story...The picture of Carson tasting the water is darling, the one of him with a great big smile is just perfection.