Monday, August 18, 2008

Adult Boating Day

It sounds sort of X rated but I assure you it is not. Each year, Tommy, Niki, Amiee, Ron, Jay and I try to get out on one of the boats, just us adults. As you can tell from this blog and Amiee and Ron's as well, we are pretty active with our kids and families. It is always a nice day to get out on the boat and just relax and enjoy the company of one another. Sometimes, our kids keep us so busy we hardly have time for a conversation so, the adult boat just for us.

This year, we had our day only 6 days before Tommy and Niki's wedding. We were all so glad that they could make it as they had lots to do. We all got to enjoy the final details in the wedding planning as Niki brought along her wedding binder to work on seating. The weather was perfect and we had a great time. Here are some pics:

The Bride and Groom - I think Niki was stressing about seating charts - Tommy, not so much!

Our handsome guys!


Amiee and Ron

The Bride and Groom once seating charts were done!

Me and the love of my life.

Amiee - enjoying an "adult beverage" on "adult boating day".

I think Ron likes "adult boating day"!

Can you blame him?


Journey To Eden said...

AAAhhhhh! I can't believe you posted that....

DISCLAIMER: We didn't have any cups on the boat so I HAD to drink from the bottle!

Too funny! Can't wait for next year!

Anonymous said...

Always love to see my kids having fun. Nonna