Sunday, August 24, 2008

Armada Fair - Yeeehaw!

Well it was that time of year again....Emily's favorite week of summer - the Armada Fair. I grew up going to the fair so I enjoy it too. I have many fond memories. Anytime that I'm there, it always reminds me of my Grandma. She was very involved in her church in Armada and the church has a big food tent at the fair where they raise a lot of money that week. I can remember helping her out at the tent when I was little. She always made time to help out at the food tent at the fair, whether she felt good or not.

This year we made it out to the fair twice. We went on opening night to meet up with Granny, Pa, Brian, Kristie, Blake and Brooke to watch the rodeo. We thought Carson would enjoy it because he loves cowboys and horses. He actually did relatively well once the rodeo started. He got bored after about twenty minutes so Emily, Carson and I went to look at the other animals and Griffin stayed up at the rodeo with the rest of the family.

Griffin hangin' out with Pa and Granny
Uncle Brian and Blake
Carson wanted to see the pigs and lambs.
Of course one of the lambs "cared him" - he has a little problem with s's. We had a blast in the barns with Carson. He loved the animals...then we made the dreaded mistake of going into the baby animal tent where they also have an area with little toy animals, tractors, and sand. Once he saw that, he wanted nothing to do with anything else and had a little fit because we didn't want to stand there all night and play with sand toys so we had to cut the rest of the night short, grab little Fin from Granny and head home. We were disappointed on the ride home because Carson was very upset and we were sad to be missing out on the rides and the rest of the evening with the family but we had to focus on the two hours that we were there and the fun memories that we made.
We had planned on going back with Cousins Audrey and Sophia on Thursday so we decided that either just Emily and Fin would go or that Carson would go hang out at Granny's or Nonna's. Emily and I feel bad for Griffin sometimes because right now, Carson requires so much attention that Griffin seems to get brushed aside. We've taken Carson to the fair every year since he's been born so thought it might be nice to make that memory with Fin as well. Once Thursday rolled around, I was thinking that I couldn't go the fair without my little Carson friend but thankfully, when asked "do you want to go to the fair or to Granny's," he loudly yelled "go to Granny's!" It was set....a night with our little Fin! Is it just me or is Griffin thinking..."wow no Carson...I'm going to get all the attention for a change..." haha!

Griffin and Sophia posed by the fake cow

They loved the baby chickens!

Sophia wasn't too sure about the goats

Neither was Griffin.....

Emily, Griffin, Sophia and Audrey

We had a great time. Audrey usually joins us at the fair every year. We had some corn dogs, fries, kettle corn, cotton candy, name it, we tried it! It was a great night. Can't wait for next year!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear you had so much fun with Griff. I remember doing this when you were little - each child got a one on one day out with mom or dad. Many more happy days....Nonna