Thursday, August 21, 2008

Bark in the Park

Hi Everyone! We've been able to attend Emily's two favorite events of summer over the past couple of weeks - Bark in the Park and the Armada Fair.

Bark in the Park was the weekend of Tommy and Niki's wedding so we weren't able to go until Sunday. It was chilly and we were hungover but we still had a good time. It was a nice family day. Papa Tom, Nonna, Granny, Aunt Kristie, Aunt Amiee, Uncle Ron, Gianna, Adrian, Luca, Blake, and Brooke all joined us for the day. Hero (Ron and Amiee's new puppy) also came out.

Daddy and his best friend Carson

Little Fin havin' fun!

We ran into our friends Margie and Marty. They had their dogs Frank and Steve with them. They are actually at the hospital having their baby tonight. We look forward to meeting the little guy this weekend. We're so excited for them. They are going to make great parents.

The rest of the family hangin' out.

Daddy and the sweetest boy ever. My little guy is giving kisses and saying a lot of words now. He has such a cute little personality. It's so funny to watch him interact with Carson now. He doesn't take any crap. He pushes his way right in for what he wants.

Happy family! I am so lucky to have such a beautiful wife and my boys. We had a great day.

It was so nice that so many people joined us at Bark in the Park this year. We didn't leave with a puppy. Maybe next year! We thought about it and Emily tried but we just have too much on our plate right now and I don't think adding a dog would make our life any easier. We got to watch Max (Tommy and Niki's puppy) a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun watching the boys interact with him. We'll just borrow him for now.
Thanks for reading. We're still a bit behind....trying to catch up.....still to come - the wedding, the fair, and boating fun with the boys.
Another big weekend in front of us. I took tomorrow off. We're taking the boys to Splash Village in Frankenmuth for the day and then we have a date with Amiee and Ron - drinks, a movie, and dinner. This is rare for us (and Amiee and Ron.) I actually am not sure if this has ever happened in the five and a half years that we have been married. A big thank you to Aunt Denise and Gigi for coming to watch all the boys tomorrow night. Saturday, Brian's sister Stacy is getting married so we'll be going to the wedding. It's at Meadowbrook and it's sure to be a beautiful event. We're excited to get to have some fun with Kristie, Brian, Granny, Pa, Auntie Carol and Uncle Roger. The boys get to spend the night at Nonna and Papa Tom's house....a full night of sleep. I can't wait. I hope they sleep for Nonna and Papa. It (Carson's sleeping) has actually gotten much better this week. Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, we were very tired from the wedding but it was a fun afternoon. Bark in the Park is the only day of the year that I come close to wanting a dog. The pictures are great - thanks for the invite.