Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stacy and Ron's Wedding

Last weekend, Emily and I attended our brother-in-law Brian's sister Stacy's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding held outside at Meadowbrook. Brian and Kristie were both in the wedding and our nephew Blake was the ring bearer. Blake did a great job, as anticipated. He's the most grown up four year old I've ever met. He's an old soul. He had a fun time later in the night showing off his dance moves. Granny, Pa, Auntie Carol and Uncle Roger were with us too. It was neat and a little scary to walk around the mansion, especially once it got dark and started storming. Even the valet guys said it was haunted.....eeery. The ceremony was outside, followed by a cocktail hour where you could tour around the mansion and then the reception was in a big tent out on the lawn. The only bad part of the day was that it was 90+ degrees and very humid with no breeze so imagine me (with my sweating issue) in a full suit. Needless to say, I was very wet by the end of the ceremony and it only got worse.

Here comes the bride (Stacy) and her and Brian's dad Madison

Uncle Brian and Aunt Kristie looking good! (Brian's mom Sharon off to the left)

Here's Blake doing his thing!

The happy couple being announced

The kiss.....

Another happy couple enjoying the cocktail hour

Granny and Blake

Sisters - Granny and Auntie Carol

Aunt Kristie with Pa and Granny

Blake with Uncle Roger and Aunt Carol

Emily and Stacy near the end of the night (the sweat had set in for them too...)

Stacy and Ron near the end...

They are off to Tahiti and another tropical island (forgot the name) for two weeks! Sounds fun and relaxing. It was nice to share their day with them and to visit with everyone.

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