Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My sweet, angelic children!

This morning Fin and Carson started their regular fight over some action figure that nobody wants until the other one is playing with it. After my intervention of insisting on taking turns (Did not work. They don't like to take turns. Taking turns is dumb!), I took it away. The following occurred:

Carson threw himself on the ottoman out of frustration.

Fin threw himself on Carson. (Yeah, this was not nice)

Carson tried to kick Fin off of him while screaming.(Not nice either. Good thing Carson is not super coordinated or it might have worked.)

Fin fell backwards (Not due to Carson, just two year old balance).

Fin screams harder as he falls into another toy.

Carson gets up and is over it.

Fin proceeds to get up and while making sounds that resemble a rabid lion, he chases Carson with his mouth open trying to bite him.

Good times over here! How was your morning?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, how do you keep from laughing during all that drama?

Journey To Eden said...

That is so funny! I am laughing out loud right now! Thanks for that!!!!

Tencza Family said...

I have to admit that when Tara is fighting with her cousin (around the same age) or someone else her size I sometimes just sit back to see how it's all going to play out! I like to see what her problem solving skills are at the age of 2. Of course, I would never let it get too far but it's entertaining on my end!